Friday, December 31, 2010

Counting ...

Assalamualaikum and hello Blogger's!

The New Year is about to begin in how many hours? First thing tomorrow is to sell those 3 CD's that I and Baby captured the other day for the CWA New Year Kick Off Dinner 2010. Uhh. Just finished editing the Slide Show. As soon as I have the money, straight away bank in the money to Baby. Cause she is currently not here in Miri. Having a vacation to Kuala Lumpur. O yeaaah bebeh. But I missed her a lot. Too bad she'll be back next month. That is on the 23rd of January I guess. Back to the story, right after I bank in her money, I will be picking up Yati at Taman Tunku. Where her house is at. Hahah. Where else. I don't think I can drive to pick her up. I guess my brotha' Ayum will help me to drive and pick her up. Yipee yipee yow. Cause I'm still sick. And I am currently running out of painkillers. Hish. I hate it a lot. Only Panadol can help the pain go away. Aiyoyo. After picking Yati up, will go to my house directly. Or maybe to Merdeka Mall. Need some shopping. Some. Not more. HAHA. LOL. Wth? Oh as you can see from my entry Title for today, it says "Counting ..." Counting for what? Aaaa. Of course I'm counting for the brand new year. I'm not planning for anything special or what. But of course, I'm planning for whole new stuff. Woot woot! I wanna go shopping. Lalalalala. And I am planning to work. Go for interviews and stuff. Aku maok kerja. Maok duit lerrrr. Ada duit baruk dapat shopping. Heheh. Yeah. Tonight is all we are waiting for. To have fun right? I've been planning like hell. But then, all the plan were canceled. Too bad Balcony, they charge for the tables. And also some cover charges. RM200 per tables. And RM50 per entry. So I might not be going. Same goes to Victoria at Eastwood Valley. Urhhh. I don't think I'm going. It's better for me to just sit back and relax at home. Or or or GO GREEEEEEEEN. Hell yeah. :DDD Ya think? O yeah. Right? Hahah. Only some of you can understand this. Some of you guys. Cause I'm not feeling well too right? So I don't think I can party all night long. We'll see how. Maybe Saturday instead? Or during Ladies Night right? There are still plenty of time. It's not like tomorrow's gonna die. Oh no. I'm talking crap. It's better for me to go greeeen. Then to be like sick after drinking some alcohol bullshits. Blerhhh. As you can see, it's like 4 AM here in Malaysia. And I am still not asleep yet. It's because, I'm too bored and too full. I ate Lalapan just now for supper. Superb. Hahah. But I can't eat that much. The ear infection thingy kept on bugging me. So yeah. Now I am updating my amazingly gorgeous Blog and now currently listening to this In Loving Memory by Alter Bridge. I can't stop listening to it. It's just too cool. :) And it reminds me of my childhood times. Where I use to listen to it last time. Heheh. One thing for sure, now I felt so weird sitting down at this table. Cause of what, I felt so short cause sitting down using my drum seat. Hahah. I felt short. And I can't barely type. LOL. I kept on smoking since just now. I felt weird. Haha. Okay okay. Just now me and dad watching to this Kylie Kwong cookin' at the AFC Channel. The food looks so nice. And we can't sit still. It looks so YUMMY. Drooling laa me tengok she cook. HAHA. But then, still Jamie Oliver is my favorite chef! I love the he cook. Simple ajak nya masak. Senang lalu jak rupa. P maok tauk susah macam apa. HAHA

Eh eh. I think I'm gonna stop with this crap and everything. All I wanna say now is I miss Yati, Charmaine, Baby and Fad like hell right now. Tomorrow, I'll be meeting Yati only. Charmaine, not sure yet. Baby and Fad for sure will not be meeting the both of them. Cause cdak 2 belom balit lagik aaa. Baby lamak lagik nak balit. Fad sik lamak lagikkk. Best na nya gi Qatar. I bet he's in Dubai right now? Not sure yet. 

Okay. So now, I'm gonna stop blogging. I'm tired already. Going to bed soon. So dear bloggie, I fucking love you. :) Muah muah! Love you always. 

P/S : Yati, Charmaine, Baby and Fad love you guys always. Miss you guys a lot. Yati, ESOK JUMPA OKENGGG! MUAH! Goodnight!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Having F-U-N

Assalamualaikum. And a very Good Morning to the pepol'! Oh firstly, I am so damn happy cause my beloved Arsenal won last night match. 3-1. Look at my face. A very very very BIG SMILE. :DDD Oh ya. I can't barely remember what happened. Hahah. Mudak2 dah lupak ehhh. Apa nak jadi tokkk. Well, the other day I went to Park City. Tido sia semalam. Wee~ With YZ, Ayum (Brotha), Mau, Wan and Amer. I enjoyed a lot. :D So here are some of the pictures of us at Park City Hotel. :) Take a look.

Just arrived. Photo taken by YZ. I know I looked very hideous. Hahah

Well this is me. At the volleyball field at Park City Hotel. Urghh

This is me and YZ. On our way to the swimming pool. :D

Look at Wan. His action. Hahah

This is Mau. Say hello to him. While we are at the beach. 

Wan again. Hahah :p

Well of course that's me right. :)

YZ again :)

That's us. Haha. Jaik lalu rupa ehhh

This is me and Wan. During midnight I guess. 

Mau and me. Hahah. Oh he's pouting. Hahahaha

Me and YZ. Happy lalu jak rupa ehh.

Us having fun. Hahah

Aww aww aww. Me and YZ. Time maok balittt. 

Okay. Puas hati? HAHA. Ya time rah Park City. Heheh. Happy lalu jak rupa. Nang pun happy. Best nyaaaa. Hahah. Okay. Tok time jalan-jalan with YZ and her cousin Jojo and Tetey. Sik banyak gambar. Cause that day, the camera battery lupak charge. Hahah. So sikit jak gambar. Heheh. Sokay. Asal ada gambar nakkkk. Here we  go.
Me, YZ and Jojo. 

Me and YZ. Lunch kat Sushi King. Uhh.
So I decided to bring them tido at my house. And they accepted it. Heheh. Best lalu jak. The whole week ngan YZ. Best lalu jak. Nektok rindu lalu jak ngan nya. HAHA. So we main facial2 muka and engkah face mask. Best laluuuu. Hahah. Rindu you guys ngekkk. Sayang you all. Tok la gambar time mekorang face mask. Heheh. Layan lalu nunnnn
Yati facial muka nyaaa wee~

That's me. Using the Chocolate Face Mask.

Jojo bebehhhh

YZ. Hahah. Kening mainnnn
So, pagi2 ari dh pegi jogging. Sekda tido nunnn. Terus g jogging. Tapi layan la juak. Sik ngantok pas minum Kuku Bima. Hahah. Tapi mistake jogging awal gilak. Sik bepeloh ku. Sejok ada la pulang. Boring baaaa. P sikhal. I had fun. :D

Me and YZ

Jojo. Cute right?

Steady Abang Ayummmmmmm. HAHAH

YZ and Jojo. Cute laluuuu
Okayyyy. So that is what happened for this week. I'm kinda busy. Sik sempat update blog. Mala jak tergendala ehhh. And btw, now I'm so sickkk. So so sick mannn. Got ear infection and flu. Bad flu. I can't stand it. Sik tahan baaa. Lain jak rasa ku tok. Tido pun sik lena. Nak makan pun sik dpt. Dapat makan Panadol ajak. Hahah. Bengap naaa. My room dah abis cat. And now tinggal maok decorate nya ajak. Happy ku ehhhhh. Okay bloggie. I'll update again some other day. Some other time. If I have time okay. I will always love you. Always. :) Muah! I love yahhh. Love ya guys. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hey hey hey pepol'! I feel so disgust right now. As I hate to see my room like this. The painting is halfway done. Eeeh. I must be painting my room later in the morning. I can't wait to decorate it and so on. Aaaah. I must have been crazy or out of my mind. I never had this kind of room. It's in mess. Total mess. Ya dig? I hope you do. It's like so damn messy. Someone help. I feel like calling Oprah right now. Or even someone that is in the DH&H channel to help me get rid of this mess. I'm in a room or in a pig cage? Sorry to be so mean in this entry. But some of my friends understands me. I never had a room that is like in a total mess like I'm having now. Urgh. So disgusting. I'm not some kind of a clean freak. But I just can't stand it. Can you guys stay in a room that is so dirty? I bet you can't. I don't know if some of you guys can. But not me. Sorry to say this, I hate someone who has the room that is so dirty. But at least, my best friends doesn't own one. I'm pretty happy. :DDD As you can see, it's 4 AM. And I can't sleep. Insomnia bebeh. I hate it. I can't wait for 6 AM. I wanna paint my room straight forward. And change the curtains and everything. The comforter. My table runner. Have to clean the carpet and the floor. I don't need a brand new room. I just need to do some cleaning. YES. SOME CLEANING. Not just SOME but a LOT of cleaning. HAHA. Been playing Omegle since just now. Haha. Just wanted to find new friends. That is from other countries. Some of them are nice, cruel, mean, and horny. HAHA. I hate it if some them are horny. Oh. I miss my friend that is from UK. He doesn't seems to be online this few days. And it's killing me. I missed him a lot. Well, now I need to prepare some of my stuff. And start moving stuff. Cause I need to paint my room later on. Haih. -.-" So tired when it comes to this one. I hate it a lot. But what to do. I must and I have to do it too. So goodbye bloggie. Najwa always love you. Always have and always do. Bye again bloggie. Love yah. Muah. Hugs and kisses from me. XOXO


This is simply the best and interesting quotes from Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe, I just can't describe my feelings after reading your quotes. It's interesting, sometimes its harsh for a guy to read. But then, I love it. I can't find any reasons to hate it. it's just to wonderful. Take a look at this. Perfecto'!

" I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. " 
- Marilyn Monroe

Supper bebeh

Hello hello hello pepol'! How are yah? Hope ya guys doing fine. So so fine. Okay. Today story issss, me and mum went to McD drive thru! HAHA.  We were so hungry just now. And mum decided to go McDonald's and eat. Well, I don't wanna sit there and eat. I told mum to just use the drive thru. Malas wanna eat there and sit. Banyak orang lagik. Boring na nyawa. Heheh. So here it is. I wanted to eat Double Cheese Burger, but then. I wanna cut down on beef burgers. As I don't eat meat and beef, it's better for me. So I just took Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Sik pedas pun? Hahah. And mum bought herself a prosperity burger. Eew. Never like that one till now. I just don't know why. So here it is. Me at the dining room. Eating. Hahah. 

My Spicy Chicken McDeluxe :DDD

Ooh. Drooling kan? HAHA. I know ;)

Well, that's me. Drinking my coke. Coke is bad. Real bad. But I just can't resist it. It's just too delicious and tempting. HAHA. Will continue writing again later. Muah muah muah. Love yah. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With the Babe's

Howdy peeps! Do I looked gorgeous today? HAHA. What the hell. Okay bebeh. Here are some of the pictures to share during cat cat bilek with the Babe's. So here we go. 
 Yati and Chamen. Hahah
 Me and Chamen
 Chamen yo!
That's Yati. Oh so here we are. Us. Heheh. Okay so now. We're so damn hungry ahh. So we're planning to make some pancakes. :) ANde here it is again. Some pictures of us again. 
 Yati making the pancakes. HAHA
 Chamen doing it again. HAHA
 Gila! Haha
 Here is Chamen. Making the pancakes on the stove. Heheh
 Both of them. So cute ahhh.
Here's the pancakes. Aren't they cute? Hahah. I know right. And it's so delicious. Try it. You won't regret. Trust me. :D This is just an update to what we've done few days ago. Had fun though. But mistake, Baby sayang sekda. :( But it's okay. Some other day alrighty? Love you guys a lot! Muah muah. Hugs and kisses from me. XOXO!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


 Beautiful right? I know. 
 Rugged sial. Love her style. So old school. So vintage. 
This one too. Rugged right? Heheh. I know.

A better ROOM

Hi again peeps. Today was a brand new day. PAKAH? Haha. So I decided to take my brother's room right? Yeah. I moved every single thing to my new room already. Cause my brother's room has an attic. Yeah. So I decided to take the attic too. So I have two rooms. LOBA NAK AKU? Haha. Of course. Mesti loba. Mun sik loba, bilit aku sik kacak. Betol sik geng? Hahah. Aku mok polah bilit debah tok and attic ya sekali. Attic ya untok FRAGILE lepak jak. I'll put every single thing atas ya. Semua pasal Fragile atas ya. Gambar and everything. It will be the best memory ever bila dah tua lak. Betol sik? Ne tauk someday Fragile boleh jadi macam a group pake tolong Old Folks and OKU. It will be very great and fun. Right? I hope so. I took my brother's room cause my drum is in here. Heheh. Suka2 jak bah. Sebenarnya bukan apa. Suka maok decorate bilit ajak tok. Suka maok polah2 bilit. Boring ngan bilit lamak, tukar gi bilit baru. Hahah. Nang loba ok? Ko ada? Sekda nak? Aku jak ada bah. Bahahaha. Boh marah k. Plentey jak tok! Sik sabar maok cat bilit debah tok. So that dapat decorate bilit tok. Maok ambik Mum's old closet and cabinet. Wanna paint 'em off to white juak. :) So it will look so vintage. We'll see how it looks like later on. I will update and blog it when I started doing it. At least I got something to do. Something to fill in my time nak? Dari ku sekda polah pa2. Dok rumah cam orang bodo. At least kelua juak peloh molah kerja di rumah. Sik juak ku jadi gemok mala makan tido di rumah. Kelak sik laku kelak. Sekda laki maok. Bahahahaha. Ngerepak indah aku. Sorry la mun ada orang baca tok rasa ku gedik ka ngegeh ka over. Mintak maaf la oh? Sekda niat nak molah gya. Mun rasa aku tok kenjet, boh baca blog aku. Bahahahaha. Sekda bah. Anyways, I love you guys nok baca tok. I don't like making enemies. Sapa2 di luar ya, boh la embak ku bemusoh. Kelak jadi makin terok. Okeng? Aie. Lari dari topik blog aku tok. -.-" ahaha. WTF? Merepak indah aku tek nak. Yahh. Maok tunggu roller cat tok sampe, sik juak ada2. Dari ariya aku nunggu. Ujong cat k jarik jak bilit tok lak. Haha. Gatal tangan ku tok maok cat bilit. Hahaha. Kenjet. Sik sabar maok tengok bilit baru tok santek baaa. Kelak ambik gambar before and after. And what do you guys think of. Ne tauk ada orang berminat soh aku polah bilit cdak. Yerrr. Perasan. HAHA. Ok lah. Later me update gik k. Love yah. Lots of hugs and loves. 

December 16

Hello! I woke up late today. Around 2PM. Gaaaah. Yati they all told me that they wanted to go to my house. But then, sekda bunyi2! Aie. Padah maok cat sama2. Tapi sekda bunyi. Nevermind. I'll do it by myself. :) Ok. I haven't taken my breakfast nor my lunch. Just drank ice blended coffee. HAHA. And now, sakit perut. Gilak gilak gilak. :( Now, tengah dudok at the dining room. Later wanna go paint my room to white! :))) I'm so happy. At last. Heheh. So I guess for today's entry, sikit jak. Heheh. Quick update la tok. HAHA. Okayyyy. So bye bye bloggie. Love yah!

Today equals to F-U-N!

Hello peeps! Yeah yeah yeah. Last night I was too damn tired to update my blog. Sorry. :D Blerrhhhh. Had to take photos of my sister's New Year Kick Off Dinner for this year. It was super duper nice and amazing. And I'm so damn tired. Me and my best friend Baby went to take their photos. :) Amazing right? Yeah. Why is today so FUN? Guess what? Me and my best friends went for swimming! Hell yeah! Hahah. Wanted to swim at Eastwood Valley. But then, it was closed. Cause there's something going on. Maintenance I guess. Then we have to go to the Public Pool. So dull. So boring. But got the best friends along, then it's not boring. The boringness turned to happiness! So so FUN. Yeeeehoooo! We went off early. Cause to many peoples and it was so hot. I can't stand it. I don't wanna get dark! Haha. So right after we finished up our shower and everything. Charmaine's mother picked us up. Then I went to Yati's house. Just chill for a lil bit and so on. I'm kinda moody now. Cause of what? I hate to see my brotha cry. Don't wanna talk about it. :D Just trying to put a big smile on my face. Just trying to forget what happened. Brotha Udin, I love you. Always. :) Get back to the story. HAHA. Okay. Right after chilling at Yati's house, Roy picked me up. We went for dinner. I'm so damn hungry just now. Then we go around town. Just to fill our time. Hahah. LOL. But actually, it's a waste of time. Bahahahaha. Okay then. Now, I'm currently at home. And I'm starving. Craving for pancakes and popcorns. Gaaaaah. See ya soon. Goodnight. Love you bloggie!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Oh God. Take a look at this. This Barbie looks normal and simple right? But guess what. It costs, $540,780. This is the most expensive Barbie in the whole wide world. Who would have the stupidity to buy this? I'd rather go on a holiday to New York and shop till I drop than to buy this. It is just a Barbie doll. A BARBIE DOLL OKAY. But if someone buy me this for my birthday, I just don't know what to say. I'm gonna be so filthy rich. And I'm sure my face will be around the world. Cause someone gave me this. LOL

The Black Dress

Hey again. Just wanna update about the dress I've bought just now. It looks something like this. It's cute though. It's for tomorrow night's dinner. Ahhhh. Wanted the other with a zipper on the front side. But then, it's too expensive. So just grab this. It's still cute. 

13th of December 2010

Assalamualaikum. Hello. Hi. Howdy. Good evening dear bloggers. Before starting anything at my entry for today. I just wanna say this. I, Najwa Madon, from today onwards is a high-school leaver. Saya, Najwa Madon, bermula pada hari ini saya adalah seorang lepasan Sekolah Menengah. Say what? YEAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! O yeah. Ya feel me baby? I know you do. Bahaha. Okay. As for today, it's my last exam paper for SPM. It was Art Paper 2. And I'm not satisfied with it. I'm definitely and very sure that I'm 100% not satisfied to what I've drawn. ISH. Felt like doing another one. But then, I don't have enough time. But it's okay. The main thing is it's OVER. O yeah. Now, no worries about partying hard on Wednesday anymore. Like Mum said, I never even bother about those SPM thingy. What's important is my life in the future and knowledge. Tomorrow at 10 AM, gotta be at the Spa. For interview. Oh gosh. But the salary is so good. 1K plus plus. It's enough for me. It's enough for a 17 year old girl right? Yesss. My true love will be back tomorrow. I missed him. I do. I can't lie. Oh sayang. I wanna hug you. Heheh. I'm so damn hungry. Bought Popcorn, pancakes and new DVD's just now. Oh. So gonna watch it tonight. It will be so good. And again, say hello to FREEDOM! Hahah. See ya bloggie. 

P/S : My air-cond sucks! It's so damn warm. Fuck those air-cond. Yikes!

In love

Ok bebeh. Tok khas pake Baby. And btw, I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS HEEL. Aku ada jumpa tok ok. For sale. RM150 jak. Aih. I want to buy. Tapi sik tauk ada size kita ka sik. Tapi aku nang suka heel rupa camtok. But then, nok kita maok ya. Sik la camtok rupa nya. Kacak sikit. But tok pun dapat ganti apa nok kita suka. Sebab nok kita suka rah Vincci ya, dah kenak beli orang. Rasa mok nangis jak aku bila nangga heel ya sekda gik rah Vincci. Ada tok in black juak. Aieh. Sine kah kita nak ngoleh duit k beli heel tok aie? Kacak gilak-gilak. Embak lam mimpi jak heel tok. Ne tauk ada mimpi pake heel tok. At least, ada merasa bah nak. Bahahaha. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bob Marley

As you can see from my Post title, it says Bob Marley right? Yeah. Bob Marley is my idol. I love him. I respect him. I salute him. I love his song. I love his quotes. Here is some of the quotes that I love. It's the best. So here it goes. 

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!”

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

“Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright"

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?”

Moody Sunday

Assalamualaikum. Hello. Hi. Howdy. Hey. It's Sunday peeps. And my Sunday is moody. Not going well today. And guess what? I woke up at 4 pm.Goshhh. I hate it when I sleep alone and I locked the room. No one is there to wake me up and tell " Oiiii. Bangun oiiiii! Gi jalan! " HAHA. And that's the reason why I love to sleep with my brothers. Cause they'll be there to wake me up. If I sleep alone, I know i'm gonna wake up so damn late. I can't paint my new room today. Wanted to wake up early and paint it off to white. Last night was tiring. Been moving stuff and all those tables and cabinets to my room. Unfortunately, the closet won't fit. It can't be moved. So it has to stay in my old room. Gaaah. I love that closet so much. Just hafta wait for a new one. My mum's not home. She's up for some tournament at BMM. A bowling tournament. And I haven taken any meal yet. Urgh. I'm hungry. Just drank cola and ice blended coffee. :( Oh ya. Nia's off to Singapore already. And she's not around. Felt like someone's missing. Heheh. And my brother, Udin. I can see it from his face, his moody and unhappy. Cause his girlfriend is not around. Cheer up mate! 

Friday and Saturday

On Friday. The Christmas Tree at City Fan for this year's Christmas. And for the Christmas Parade too. It's beautiful right?
 On that Friday too. I meant last night. Oh. I'm so in love with this. It's too gorgeous. 
 Me inside the car today, Saturday. To Bintang Mega Mall. :)
Me and Nia at Esprit. While waiting for my sister shopping and browsing clothes. I'm in love with the jacket. If I were about to buy one, where am I going to wear it? As if there's Winter Season here in Malaysia. LOL.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday oh Saturday

Howdy! I just got back from Bintang Mega Mall. *phew*. It was kinda boring too. But I enjoyed window shopping. And I'm so full right now. And I felt like shitting right now. Bahahaha. It's my sister birthday today. And she went for shopping a lot. And I am like a walking hanger to her. HAHA. She buy lots of stuff. Treat for herself. I met Neeya (my cousin) and Gaby (my schoolmate). They both looked gorgeous! I met lots of my friends. I just don't remember who. And now, I am currently at home. In my room. This may be the last time I'm sitting in my room. Cause I'm gonna move to another room. Switch with my brother. I need a bigger room. More space for me! Gaaaaaaah. So we'll get back to ya later. And, see ya soon! Muah! Lots of love to you bloggie!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Good Afternoon and Hello Bloggers! Hey. As you can see from the title here, I stated "NuffNang" right? Why don't you guys visit or stop by at their website? Here's the link : As you guys have known, lots of the bloggers nowadays, has their ads on their blog right? It's because there's a lot of something special from the ads. Wanting to know more about it? Join them first. Then you'll know what its all about. Try it out now! No regrets my dear. I'm very very very sure. ;)


Okay. My deary readers. *Only if I have one*. Okay, back to the story. My deary readers, do join Nuffnang. It's a good site though. You'll never regret. Please? Or even click on the advertisement on both of my sidebar. There are no harm done by clicking and viewing it. Will ya? Will ya? Just say YES! Haha. Okay. That's all. Love yah! <3

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Like A G6

I'm waiting for weekends and Wednesday. I'm waiting to party hard. I'm waiting to get drunk and dirty. Oh so insane. Now, I'm currently finished with my final big exam. So I don't need to think about studies and going to school again. Bahaha. Now listening to some songs that always made me dance in the club. But I'm broke now. And I can't go clubbing. Too bad right? I wanna put my hands up and dance dance dance. Drink some shots and those beers. Yeaaaah. I can feel it now. HAHA. Okay. Enjoy this. I'm enjoying it now. Just a lil lyrics of Like A G6. Comeee! Sing and dance it with me. 

Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right gettin slizzard
Sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6
Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6
Like a G6, Like a G6
Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6

Sippin on, sippin on sizz, Ima ma-make it fizz
Girl i keep it gangsta, poppin bottles at the crib
This is how we live, every single night
Take that bottle to the head, and let me see you fly

(808) Hell Yeaa
Drink it up, drink-drink it up,
When sober girls around me, they be actin like they drunk
They be actin like they drunk, actin-actin like they drunk
When sober girls around me actin-actin like they drunk

Its that 808 bump, make you put yo hands up
Make you put yo hands up, put yo, put yo hands up
(You can’t Touch this)
Its that 808 bump, make you put yo hands up
Make you put yo hands up, put yo, put yo hands up
(You can’t Touch this)
Hell Yeaaa, Make you put yo hands up, put yo put yo hands up
Hell Yeaaa, Make you put yo hands up, put yo put yo hands up

Are you putting your hands up right now? HAHA. I hope so! 

Feeling weird

I'm so tired of my room. Cleanaholic? Not really. I kept on cleaning my room. Been cleaning my room and vacuuming my room 3 or 4 times a week. My eyes can't stand to see those dirty stuffs and so on. And now, I wanna develop some pictures. Wanna hang it at my wall of fame. I need new bed. I need new closet. Just a small one. To put my shoes. I love my room to smell good. To smell nice. But and yet, they kept on smoking in my room. Me too. I can't avoid it. I really need to do something with my room. I wanna paint it again. I guess white doesn't suit it. Cause I have too many siblings. And my family is too big. And my friends are so many. They always come to my room and chill. Unfortunately, they've got no sense of respect towards my room. They kept on making mess in my room. I hate it much. Pathetic. But for me. I don't want any of my friends to take any offence. Cause, you guys should know that I hate my room to look like a pig cage. I'm a human being. I need comfort. Once I'm mad, I'm gonna be so wicked. You got me? Ya dig? I hope so. You guys should understand. As a friend, please do respect me. I'm tired of cleaning all of this mess. Please. I need rest. It's time for me to stop. And it's time for you guys to stop making mess. I love my room before. Where no one come inside my room and do shit! This is enough. Blaaaaaah. I'm so pissed!


This closet is cute. It's vintage. I'm looking for a closet like this. But I can't find one. Too bad. And unfortunately, I thought it was a closet for us, HUMAN. But then, it's for Barbie's! Haha


- "When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand.  The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares."

- Henri Nouwen

Marilyn Monroe

- "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

Quotes by Marilyn Monroe

Fe Fi Fo Fum. Hello!

Okay. I woke up late today. That is around 3:20 pm I guess. Horrible right? Bahaha. I just finished my shower. And I think I felt great. I love my body shower. It's Antabax! The pink one. It smelled so good. And you can feel like your so "fresh". Haha. Okayyyy. And I'm s-s-s-st-a-a-a-arving! I'm so so so hungry. I don't know what mum cooked for lunch just now. I just don't care. All I wanted now is to EAT! Haha. I don't have any plans for tonight. But for sure, I have to get ready my camera and my flash for tomorrow's event. I'm not sure what its called. But our family homemade hamburger are gonna sell there. Ooh. Burgers? I'm hungry. >.< Now, I'm feeling of having pancakes, spaghetti, caesar salad. Can someone please bring me to Pete's Deli or Dave's Deli? I love you if you do. Haha. Oh ya. My PC is starting to annoys me. Cause my brotha, Udin. Placed a woofer or bass whatever you called it at my PC. To replace the speakers. Yikes. Its really annoying. Sakit jak tlinga. Dup dap dup dap jak jantong ku. Bahaha. Now I'm feeling like I'm in the club. We'll party so so hard this weekend okay? Drink some shots! And drink all those beers. Haha. Okay bloggie. I'll get back to ya later. Alrighty? Bye bye bloggie and bloggers!


 Marc Jacobs studded tote bag. Nice tote right? Lovely!
 Studded stackable ring. Cute right? 
Ohh. I'm in love with this heel! It's simple but elegant. The studded thingy is just nice.