Monday, December 13, 2010

13th of December 2010

Assalamualaikum. Hello. Hi. Howdy. Good evening dear bloggers. Before starting anything at my entry for today. I just wanna say this. I, Najwa Madon, from today onwards is a high-school leaver. Saya, Najwa Madon, bermula pada hari ini saya adalah seorang lepasan Sekolah Menengah. Say what? YEAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! O yeah. Ya feel me baby? I know you do. Bahaha. Okay. As for today, it's my last exam paper for SPM. It was Art Paper 2. And I'm not satisfied with it. I'm definitely and very sure that I'm 100% not satisfied to what I've drawn. ISH. Felt like doing another one. But then, I don't have enough time. But it's okay. The main thing is it's OVER. O yeah. Now, no worries about partying hard on Wednesday anymore. Like Mum said, I never even bother about those SPM thingy. What's important is my life in the future and knowledge. Tomorrow at 10 AM, gotta be at the Spa. For interview. Oh gosh. But the salary is so good. 1K plus plus. It's enough for me. It's enough for a 17 year old girl right? Yesss. My true love will be back tomorrow. I missed him. I do. I can't lie. Oh sayang. I wanna hug you. Heheh. I'm so damn hungry. Bought Popcorn, pancakes and new DVD's just now. Oh. So gonna watch it tonight. It will be so good. And again, say hello to FREEDOM! Hahah. See ya bloggie. 

P/S : My air-cond sucks! It's so damn warm. Fuck those air-cond. Yikes!

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