Friday, December 31, 2010

Counting ...

Assalamualaikum and hello Blogger's!

The New Year is about to begin in how many hours? First thing tomorrow is to sell those 3 CD's that I and Baby captured the other day for the CWA New Year Kick Off Dinner 2010. Uhh. Just finished editing the Slide Show. As soon as I have the money, straight away bank in the money to Baby. Cause she is currently not here in Miri. Having a vacation to Kuala Lumpur. O yeaaah bebeh. But I missed her a lot. Too bad she'll be back next month. That is on the 23rd of January I guess. Back to the story, right after I bank in her money, I will be picking up Yati at Taman Tunku. Where her house is at. Hahah. Where else. I don't think I can drive to pick her up. I guess my brotha' Ayum will help me to drive and pick her up. Yipee yipee yow. Cause I'm still sick. And I am currently running out of painkillers. Hish. I hate it a lot. Only Panadol can help the pain go away. Aiyoyo. After picking Yati up, will go to my house directly. Or maybe to Merdeka Mall. Need some shopping. Some. Not more. HAHA. LOL. Wth? Oh as you can see from my entry Title for today, it says "Counting ..." Counting for what? Aaaa. Of course I'm counting for the brand new year. I'm not planning for anything special or what. But of course, I'm planning for whole new stuff. Woot woot! I wanna go shopping. Lalalalala. And I am planning to work. Go for interviews and stuff. Aku maok kerja. Maok duit lerrrr. Ada duit baruk dapat shopping. Heheh. Yeah. Tonight is all we are waiting for. To have fun right? I've been planning like hell. But then, all the plan were canceled. Too bad Balcony, they charge for the tables. And also some cover charges. RM200 per tables. And RM50 per entry. So I might not be going. Same goes to Victoria at Eastwood Valley. Urhhh. I don't think I'm going. It's better for me to just sit back and relax at home. Or or or GO GREEEEEEEEN. Hell yeah. :DDD Ya think? O yeah. Right? Hahah. Only some of you can understand this. Some of you guys. Cause I'm not feeling well too right? So I don't think I can party all night long. We'll see how. Maybe Saturday instead? Or during Ladies Night right? There are still plenty of time. It's not like tomorrow's gonna die. Oh no. I'm talking crap. It's better for me to go greeeen. Then to be like sick after drinking some alcohol bullshits. Blerhhh. As you can see, it's like 4 AM here in Malaysia. And I am still not asleep yet. It's because, I'm too bored and too full. I ate Lalapan just now for supper. Superb. Hahah. But I can't eat that much. The ear infection thingy kept on bugging me. So yeah. Now I am updating my amazingly gorgeous Blog and now currently listening to this In Loving Memory by Alter Bridge. I can't stop listening to it. It's just too cool. :) And it reminds me of my childhood times. Where I use to listen to it last time. Heheh. One thing for sure, now I felt so weird sitting down at this table. Cause of what, I felt so short cause sitting down using my drum seat. Hahah. I felt short. And I can't barely type. LOL. I kept on smoking since just now. I felt weird. Haha. Okay okay. Just now me and dad watching to this Kylie Kwong cookin' at the AFC Channel. The food looks so nice. And we can't sit still. It looks so YUMMY. Drooling laa me tengok she cook. HAHA. But then, still Jamie Oliver is my favorite chef! I love the he cook. Simple ajak nya masak. Senang lalu jak rupa. P maok tauk susah macam apa. HAHA

Eh eh. I think I'm gonna stop with this crap and everything. All I wanna say now is I miss Yati, Charmaine, Baby and Fad like hell right now. Tomorrow, I'll be meeting Yati only. Charmaine, not sure yet. Baby and Fad for sure will not be meeting the both of them. Cause cdak 2 belom balit lagik aaa. Baby lamak lagik nak balit. Fad sik lamak lagikkk. Best na nya gi Qatar. I bet he's in Dubai right now? Not sure yet. 

Okay. So now, I'm gonna stop blogging. I'm tired already. Going to bed soon. So dear bloggie, I fucking love you. :) Muah muah! Love you always. 

P/S : Yati, Charmaine, Baby and Fad love you guys always. Miss you guys a lot. Yati, ESOK JUMPA OKENGGG! MUAH! Goodnight!

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