Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16

Hello! I woke up late today. Around 2PM. Gaaaah. Yati they all told me that they wanted to go to my house. But then, sekda bunyi2! Aie. Padah maok cat sama2. Tapi sekda bunyi. Nevermind. I'll do it by myself. :) Ok. I haven't taken my breakfast nor my lunch. Just drank ice blended coffee. HAHA. And now, sakit perut. Gilak gilak gilak. :( Now, tengah dudok at the dining room. Later wanna go paint my room to white! :))) I'm so happy. At last. Heheh. So I guess for today's entry, sikit jak. Heheh. Quick update la tok. HAHA. Okayyyy. So bye bye bloggie. Love yah!

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