Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Having F-U-N

Assalamualaikum. And a very Good Morning to the pepol'! Oh firstly, I am so damn happy cause my beloved Arsenal won last night match. 3-1. Look at my face. A very very very BIG SMILE. :DDD Oh ya. I can't barely remember what happened. Hahah. Mudak2 dah lupak ehhh. Apa nak jadi tokkk. Well, the other day I went to Park City. Tido sia semalam. Wee~ With YZ, Ayum (Brotha), Mau, Wan and Amer. I enjoyed a lot. :D So here are some of the pictures of us at Park City Hotel. :) Take a look.

Just arrived. Photo taken by YZ. I know I looked very hideous. Hahah

Well this is me. At the volleyball field at Park City Hotel. Urghh

This is me and YZ. On our way to the swimming pool. :D

Look at Wan. His action. Hahah

This is Mau. Say hello to him. While we are at the beach. 

Wan again. Hahah :p

Well of course that's me right. :)

YZ again :)

That's us. Haha. Jaik lalu rupa ehhh

This is me and Wan. During midnight I guess. 

Mau and me. Hahah. Oh he's pouting. Hahahaha

Me and YZ. Happy lalu jak rupa ehh.

Us having fun. Hahah

Aww aww aww. Me and YZ. Time maok balittt. 

Okay. Puas hati? HAHA. Ya time rah Park City. Heheh. Happy lalu jak rupa. Nang pun happy. Best nyaaaa. Hahah. Okay. Tok time jalan-jalan with YZ and her cousin Jojo and Tetey. Sik banyak gambar. Cause that day, the camera battery lupak charge. Hahah. So sikit jak gambar. Heheh. Sokay. Asal ada gambar nakkkk. Here we  go.
Me, YZ and Jojo. 

Me and YZ. Lunch kat Sushi King. Uhh.
So I decided to bring them tido at my house. And they accepted it. Heheh. Best lalu jak. The whole week ngan YZ. Best lalu jak. Nektok rindu lalu jak ngan nya. HAHA. So we main facial2 muka and engkah face mask. Best laluuuu. Hahah. Rindu you guys ngekkk. Sayang you all. Tok la gambar time mekorang face mask. Heheh. Layan lalu nunnnn
Yati facial muka nyaaa wee~

That's me. Using the Chocolate Face Mask.

Jojo bebehhhh

YZ. Hahah. Kening mainnnn
So, pagi2 ari dh pegi jogging. Sekda tido nunnn. Terus g jogging. Tapi layan la juak. Sik ngantok pas minum Kuku Bima. Hahah. Tapi mistake jogging awal gilak. Sik bepeloh ku. Sejok ada la pulang. Boring baaaa. P sikhal. I had fun. :D

Me and YZ

Jojo. Cute right?

Steady Abang Ayummmmmmm. HAHAH

YZ and Jojo. Cute laluuuu
Okayyyy. So that is what happened for this week. I'm kinda busy. Sik sempat update blog. Mala jak tergendala ehhh. And btw, now I'm so sickkk. So so sick mannn. Got ear infection and flu. Bad flu. I can't stand it. Sik tahan baaa. Lain jak rasa ku tok. Tido pun sik lena. Nak makan pun sik dpt. Dapat makan Panadol ajak. Hahah. Bengap naaa. My room dah abis cat. And now tinggal maok decorate nya ajak. Happy ku ehhhhh. Okay bloggie. I'll update again some other day. Some other time. If I have time okay. I will always love you. Always. :) Muah! I love yahhh. Love ya guys. 

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