Thursday, December 23, 2010

Supper bebeh

Hello hello hello pepol'! How are yah? Hope ya guys doing fine. So so fine. Okay. Today story issss, me and mum went to McD drive thru! HAHA.  We were so hungry just now. And mum decided to go McDonald's and eat. Well, I don't wanna sit there and eat. I told mum to just use the drive thru. Malas wanna eat there and sit. Banyak orang lagik. Boring na nyawa. Heheh. So here it is. I wanted to eat Double Cheese Burger, but then. I wanna cut down on beef burgers. As I don't eat meat and beef, it's better for me. So I just took Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Sik pedas pun? Hahah. And mum bought herself a prosperity burger. Eew. Never like that one till now. I just don't know why. So here it is. Me at the dining room. Eating. Hahah. 

My Spicy Chicken McDeluxe :DDD

Ooh. Drooling kan? HAHA. I know ;)

Well, that's me. Drinking my coke. Coke is bad. Real bad. But I just can't resist it. It's just too delicious and tempting. HAHA. Will continue writing again later. Muah muah muah. Love yah. 

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