Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today equals to F-U-N!

Hello peeps! Yeah yeah yeah. Last night I was too damn tired to update my blog. Sorry. :D Blerrhhhh. Had to take photos of my sister's New Year Kick Off Dinner for this year. It was super duper nice and amazing. And I'm so damn tired. Me and my best friend Baby went to take their photos. :) Amazing right? Yeah. Why is today so FUN? Guess what? Me and my best friends went for swimming! Hell yeah! Hahah. Wanted to swim at Eastwood Valley. But then, it was closed. Cause there's something going on. Maintenance I guess. Then we have to go to the Public Pool. So dull. So boring. But got the best friends along, then it's not boring. The boringness turned to happiness! So so FUN. Yeeeehoooo! We went off early. Cause to many peoples and it was so hot. I can't stand it. I don't wanna get dark! Haha. So right after we finished up our shower and everything. Charmaine's mother picked us up. Then I went to Yati's house. Just chill for a lil bit and so on. I'm kinda moody now. Cause of what? I hate to see my brotha cry. Don't wanna talk about it. :D Just trying to put a big smile on my face. Just trying to forget what happened. Brotha Udin, I love you. Always. :) Get back to the story. HAHA. Okay. Right after chilling at Yati's house, Roy picked me up. We went for dinner. I'm so damn hungry just now. Then we go around town. Just to fill our time. Hahah. LOL. But actually, it's a waste of time. Bahahahaha. Okay then. Now, I'm currently at home. And I'm starving. Craving for pancakes and popcorns. Gaaaaah. See ya soon. Goodnight. Love you bloggie!

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