Tuesday, December 21, 2010

With the Babe's

Howdy peeps! Do I looked gorgeous today? HAHA. What the hell. Okay bebeh. Here are some of the pictures to share during cat cat bilek with the Babe's. So here we go. 
 Yati and Chamen. Hahah
 Me and Chamen
 Chamen yo!
That's Yati. Oh so here we are. Us. Heheh. Okay so now. We're so damn hungry ahh. So we're planning to make some pancakes. :) ANde here it is again. Some pictures of us again. 
 Yati making the pancakes. HAHA
 Chamen doing it again. HAHA
 Gila! Haha
 Here is Chamen. Making the pancakes on the stove. Heheh
 Both of them. So cute ahhh.
Here's the pancakes. Aren't they cute? Hahah. I know right. And it's so delicious. Try it. You won't regret. Trust me. :D This is just an update to what we've done few days ago. Had fun though. But mistake, Baby sayang sekda. :( But it's okay. Some other day alrighty? Love you guys a lot! Muah muah. Hugs and kisses from me. XOXO!

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