Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello again pepol'!

Its been a long time I didn't update my blog right? Yeah so been busy with my work. I can't barely remember when was the last time I update my blog. HA HA. So today is my off day. As always, every Monday. Guess what? YZ, Jojo and Fad had a sleepover at my house last night. Yeehoo! We had fun. A lot. We made videos last night. And took some pictures. Hell yeah! I'm loving it. Lemme show you some of our pictures last night alright. 

So this is YZ and Jojo. Jojo, rockstar much? Or just a Punker much? LOL

Different faces of me. Yeah!!!

And again.

Ugly rightttttt! I know

Uhh. So thats all for today. Just a lil update from me. I'm running out of words. I have to go out in a lil bit. Hafta send YZ, Jojo and Fad home. :( I'm gonna miss them. Urgh. 

P/S : I miss Baby and Charmaine a lot. So badly. I love you guys. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello guys! 

I'm so so so sorry for not updating you okay Mr. Bloggie? I've been so busy. I'm working. Don't you know that? I'm working at Dave's Deli. And guess what? It's so tiring and it's so FUN. I love my job. I love my work so much. I just don't know why. I get to learn to do drinks and so on. Get to learn how to make lassi. Oh lassi is my mum's favorite. And I get to learn to those sandwiches. Dave's Deli is actually our families favorite place to have lunch or dinner. I work as the cashier and the barista too. Don't you feel proud of me? Hahah. And the salary is quite okay. Its okay for me. Its enough for me too though. Aaah. And every Monday I have my off day. So that's the reason why I'm updating you right now. I had a good rest. And had enough sleep. Yeehoo! Cheers to me! Hahah. So, I'm running out of words right now. Blerhhh. So that's all for today. Love yah Mr. Bloggie! x x

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello again pepol'!

Is this what you call LOVE? Totally. I've been with you for almost 5 years already. What do you expect? Yes, we've been through those fightings. Yes, we've been messing around. Yes, we've made and make stupid decision and wrong steps. But then, it doesn't go anywhere. I still love you. Its still FRESH. Its like I have just known you. Either ways, in every single thing I do it reminds me of you. I love you. Thats all I can say. Singing some songs, we've sand it together. I spend each day of my almost 5 years with you. We go out for almost everyday. Having my dinner with you everyday. Its so sweet. But we kept on fighting. I just don't know why. And what's next? Hugging and kissing again. Insane right? I know. Duhh. But that's just how it is. It never seems to change. Too bad. But I hope, one day, we'll never those kind of things again. Its just too pathetic to see. And its just too bad to be true. Haha. Btw, I love you so much. You know I can't resist you. And again I love you and I miss you already. :(

P/S : I'll dream about you tonight. Heheh :DDD


Hello again pepol'!

I feel like eating pancakes. I'm so damn hungry. I want Mc Donald's pancake. I'm so so so hungry. I was supposed to have pancakes for breakfast. But then, I was too tired. And again, I'm sleeping like a pig. No one can wake me up. And now, I have to go and take my shower. I have to go to the mall. And buy some pants and jackets. Ooh ooh. Take a look at this pancake. It looks so delicious. You know I can't resist pancakes right? 

Doesn't it looks delicous? I know right! LOL! I must have pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast! Its a MUST! Mark my word. Haha


Hello and Howdy' Pepol'!

Eventually, I'm in love with Fixie. Don't know what is Fixie? Fixie is a bicycle. Actually its a fixed-wheel bicycle. And the people in USA, called them a Fixie. Amazing right? In Wikipedia, it says a Fixie is a bicycle that has no free wheel. So that means, it can't coast. Get it? And the pedals are always in motion if the bicycle is moving. And for sure its a fixed-gear bicycle. Come and take a look how Fixie looks like. 

It looks gorgeous right? I know!

Hell to the yeah for neon fixie's!

This ones cute. 
Aren't fixie cute? And nice? I know right! I wish I can have one. But I can't find one here? Can you help me to find one? I'll be the happiest person on earth. Bahaha. And btw, fixie really is expensive. You can tell by just looking at the pictures. And I am very sure you'll be very shocked when you browse for the price. LOL! So have fun reading you guys. Love yah. Muah muah. x x


Hello pepol'!

Now, I am enjoying Bob Marley quotes. Woohoo! And here are one of it. Enjoy.

"Me only have one ambition, y'know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together - black, white, Chinese, everyone - that's all."
-Bob Marley

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Liar, liar pants on FIRE

Hello pepol'!

Oh. Its started to felt great when you start to lie around right? It felt so nice right? Especially to those who loves to lie, they do feel like they know how to convince everyone. And to those who never lie and hate lying around, when they started to lie about something to someone, they felt really bad and they always wanna try to do some confessions and tell the truth to them. Right? Am I correct? See, I know this girl. She's so nice and so sweet. She's nice to be around with. She's so kind and polite. Till I love to be around her. And I can almost miss her if I didn't meet her for two days and so on. But I heard about, she was lying with her age. And I was like " Okayyyy. I can accept that. Maybe she doesn't want to be left out and doesn't want to be categorized as KIDS. ". Then I heard more about she was lying about her school, results and where she was to be Form as. And well, now she was lying about her scandal thingy as if it never happens and she lied about her PMR results again. And well well well. BRAVO! I will never gonna trust you again young lady. Like people said, don't judge a book by its cover and what goes around comes around. If you saw someone that is so nice, beware of it. Anything can happen. Even if he/she knows how to convince you in any single way 100%! You lie, you'll never be happy. And now, you are so DOWN. Right? Serves you right liar. Thanks for your lying and acting. You are a DRAMA QUEEN. I think you should sign up as an actress. And I am very sure you'll get the Oscar Award. And 3 fucking words for you, I HATE YOU! :DDD

P/S : I am so fucking piss right now. So very sorry for being so rude in this entry. So take care you guys. Beware of LIARS. x x

Friday, January 14, 2011

14th of January 2011

Hello and Howdy' Pepol'!

I just woke up a few mins ago. Today was fine. I woke up because my dad throw a parcel to me. Its my bag that I ordered the other day from Blooming Tree Bags at Facebook. It looks cute though. And I thought it is a small bag. But then, its kinda big to. A medium to big size of bag. I love it. It looks vintage. And oh ya, as always. My niece kept on playing my PC right after she go back from school. Then I quickly get out of my bed and do a lil' something with my hair. Cause it always look messy every time I wake up. LOL. After this, I have to shower. Roy's picking me up in a lil' bit. Have to go for lunch and so on. And I have interview's at Dave's Deli at 3:30 PM. And 5:00 PM later, I gotta go to the airport and say " bye-bye " to YZ. She's going to Kuala Lumpur for 6 days I guess. For her sister's wedding if I'm not mistaken. Well, so yeah. Will update Mr. Bloggie again later. So bye-bye. Toodles! Have a nice day pepol'!

The past 2 days.

Hello pepol'!

Oh my God. See, I wasn't expecting of going for a swim today. Lol. Cause no one told me to go. And none of us are planning to go. Cause YZ didn't SMS or call me saying that we're going for a swim. And Jojo too. She didn't mention anything about swimming. And CG she was like few feet away from me. Cause she was sleeping at her Aunties house for the funeral. Her Aunty died few days ago. I don't know why. But let us all pray for her. Okay? Back to the story. Me, my brotha', Ayum and Mau was at my sister's house. Apparently, the last two nights I slept at my sister's house. Cause she went to Kuala Lumpur. And no one take care of her house. And her husband, which is my brother-in-law are currently working. Offshore. So no one can take care of her house. So me and my brother, Ayum and my buddy Mau wanted to sleep there. I had fun sleeping at her house. And I can't stop eating there. I just don't know why. Well, only left me and Mau there at home. Yea yea yea. Its because Ayum is going out with his lovely girlfriend YZ. And you know what? I felt like a pig. Cause I was sleeping so long. And I can't hear a thing. I don't even know that YZ went to my sissy's house. And asking me to wake up. I was too tired. And restless. A day before my sister went off to Kuala Lumpur, I had to stay up late to make the CD cover for her NYKO dinner. Then I fell asleep around 5 AM I guess. I don't remember. And I woke up at 3 PM I guess. See? I do sleep like a pig right? Nasty me. Then me and Mau just spend our time watching TV and everything. And around 8 PM, Roy picked me up. And brought me to go out. Just to go around town. And then, we went to the restaurant to buy some food for dinner. That's for me and Mau. I was so hungry that time. I ordered "Lalapan Ayam" for me and "Kueh Tiaw Goreng" for Mau. And right after that, he sent me home. So when I arrived home, I ate with Mau at the dining room. And oh well, the "Lalapan Ayam" at D' Dapur couldn't beat Muara's. Muara is still the best. Hell yeahhh. So right after having my dinner. We go and smoke outside of the house and chill for a lil' bit. Then I dyed my hair. And it's RED right now! HOHO. But I didn't dyed the whole head. Just some part of it. Then I watched some movie. And my brotha' and Mau went to sleep. And it's only me that is awake that time. I watched Soul Plane. Boohoohoo. I was laughing like hell. I enjoyed that movie a lot. Never get bored of it. Then I accidentally fell asleep. LOL. And the TV was still switched on. Then this morning I guess. My parents came to visit us there. And they brought Eyshan, my nephew. And he kept on bugging me. Wanting me to wake up. He is only 1 year plus. And he is cute. He really is. And he is so handsome. Haha. He kept on pushing me to make me wake up. But he failed. Then just now I woke up at 12 PM. Then we straight away go back home. Then when I arrived home, I cooked something for lunch. I cooked fish. It was good though. I felt full too. Alhamdulillah. :DDD Then I went to my room. And smoke for a while. Then I wanted to dye my hair again. So I went to the bathroom and get ready all the stuff. Then I dyed my hair again. Oh. Right after, Ayum told me that YZ wants to go for a swim. And I was like " What theeee ?!?! " Why don't tell me earlier on? Why does he have to tell me when I was about to dye my hair? But whatever. I quickly dye my hair and so on. Then right after 15 mins, I washed it off. I get ready all of my stuff. And chop chop, we're off to pick YZ. But then, Jojo called me. She asked me to pick her up. Then, we quickly pick her up. The road was so jam. We arrived around 5:20 PM at Taman Tunku, where YZ lives. Then YZ quickly go out. Then off we go to Eastwood Valley Resort. We arrived to Eastwood around 5:50 PM. Then we quickly pay at the counter. And went to the toilet and change our clothes. Then off we jump to the swimming pool. So, me and the others swim and swim and swim. But Mau didn't want to. I don't know why. LOL. I had fun. So take a look at the pictures. 

This is my lovely YZ
That's me. LOLOL
YZ and Jojo
Me and YZ. Oh my face is so hideous. LOLOL
Me and YZ again
And again
Jojo and YZ
Why so serious?
Jojo in the jacuzzi
Me in the Jacuzzi
Oh. I had fun. Plus I'm tired too right now. But still I miss my Mr. Bloggie. That's why I'm updating him right now. Hoho. Then right after we go for a swim. We went to the jacuzzi. Then, me and Jojo went for sauna. But too bad. The sauna isn't working well. Don't know why. Probably because me and Jojo didn't have enough strength to push the door close. The door was too heavy. LOLOL. So me and Jojo jumped back to the pool. Then we went to the toilet and take our shower. Then after we do our shower, we went back. And went to Sembang-Sembang Cafe to take our dinner. But too bad, Jojo went back early just now. With her cousin. Not sure whether she go back or not. Cause I saw her cousin's car a few blocks away from where we took our dinner. Whatever. LOL. Then after dinner, me and Roy went out again. Just going around the town. And we went to Imperial Mall for a lil' bit. Then he sent me home. I'm glad to be home. So that's what happened today. Good luck and have fun reading it. Muah muah. Love you guys! Have a nice day! x x

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Follow me!

Howdy pepol'!

Hello hello hello readers! I got my second blog ready. It's a brand new blog. Just got "him" ready just now. Few hours ago. Teehee. So this Mr. Bloggie got a friend companied. It's Mr. Bloggie number 2! Do follow "him" at Very well readers, I am absolutely not forcing you guys to follow me at that Blog. But then, if any of you guys are creative, brilliant in arts, beautiful in photography, do share with me at that Blog alrighty? That's the one where I wanna share lots of things that is happening. So, that's all for now. And remember to follow me. Heheh. ;) Love ya guys so much. Muah muah. Take care. x x

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Proposal

Howdy pepol'!

My entry title for today is "The Proposal" right? Woohoo. See, its not my proposal actually. It's my brother's. He's trying to propose my best friend YZ on his birthday that is today, date 10th of January 2011. We've been planning about it since last Saturday. We take team with Mau, Jojo, Charmaine and Fad. We wore all white, and the place is at Marina Bay. Sort of by the beach. It started around 5 PM. My brother bought 5 roses. And all of us has to bring it one by one. Firstly Mau, he brought a rose that is white and a card that says " Hello! :D " and he waited at the end of Marina Bay at the stairs. And when YZ arrive, he has to give it to her and bring YZ to see Jojo. Take a look at this. 

So this is how it looks like. Cute right? Hoho :D
And secondly, after YZ receives the rose and the card from Mau, Mau directly bring her to meet Jojo and get the second rose that is champagne in color and a card that says " Are you single? :D ". Haha. A lot of gimmicks right? I know. Its so cute. And we were so excited. So take a look at the second picture.

Aren't they cute? So adorable. Its so sweet. 

And now its my turn. I gave her a rose that is pink in color and a card that says " If so, come here and follow me! :D " Oh Goddd. YZ almost cried when she saw us giving her that sort of stuffs. I can see that she's happy. And my brother was happy too! Take a look at this again. Me and YZ.

See all of those roses. So sweet right?

And finally, the final moment. All of us brought YZ to the back of the Seahorse Light House. Cause my brother is waiting for her there. YZ was shocked to him there with a bouquet of roses. Not really a bouquet actually. HAHA! So come and see this.

The card says " Will you accept my Love? " Aww aww. So sweet. 
After all of this happened, they do the hugging and stuff. And my brother proposed her. Awww. 

Aren't they cute? They are just too cute! Danggg!

YZ fed him a cake from Secret Recipe for his birthday. Aww aww.
Ohhh. That is what happened today. Today was so awesome and so romantic. Not for us. But for them. Its so cute. And so touching. I hope theres a guy will do this kind of stuff for me. And right after we spend our time here, we directly go to Sembang-Sembang. To just chill and quenched our thirst. So this is what happened today. Adorable right? Heheh! See ya guys soon! I'm loving today so much!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Jersey

Howdy pepol'!

See, I wanted these jerseys since I was 5 or 6 years old I guess. But then, I couldn't find one. And I'm so disappointed. But now, I found it! And it's only RM30. Its cheap right? So I wanted to buy it. I'm sure I'm gonna buy it. Heheh. So take a look at this. It's a Baseball Jersey. 

Isn't it cute? I know right. 

Oh I'm so in love with this one!

It's an Authentic Japan Baseball Jersey. I'm in love with it so muchhh. Even though I don't play Baseball. But I still love. I am so gonna buy it. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Howdy pepol'!

I'm so drunk right now. This is a quick update. I don't know what to do. Now, I am currently with my best friend and the pretty one, Jojo. I love you. Whatever it is, I hate watching you cry. It's okay. Tomorrow, its Saturday right baby? We're gonna party all night long. I'm gonna party hard. Now, its time to take new pictures. But dang, Jojo is like so drunk right now. Now, I'm seeing double visions already. So, bye-bye Mr. Bloggie. Sorry for always being so drunk and sober. I love ya always. Muah muah. x x

Friday, January 7, 2011

Slight changes

Howdy pepol'!

There's a different changes on my blog right? See, I don't wanna keep my Mr. Bloggie boring. So I changed the song and the picture. I want my Mr. Bloggie to feel good and handsome. HAHA. I've been searching for the right picture that is landscape in my computer, but I can't find the right one. So I just use the picture that we captured at the same time and day and place. Hahah. I don't really like taking pictures of myself landscape. Thought it would be weird and I looked weird. I love portrait. Portrait's better. Hahah. And the song. Oh, I thought of putting Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional but then, I can't find for the right one in Mixpod. All of it was like so MEH. So I decided to put on Bon Bon by Pitbull. It can make any of you guys or my readers (only if I have one) to feel so alive and shake their booty off while reading it. Bahahaha. I'm like jerking off a lil bit right now. I gotta take my shower afterwards. I'm going out in a lil bit. For shopping. Yahoooo. Again. I need to buy rings, bracelets and necklaces. I'm running out of accessories. Actually, it's not running out. I'm losing it. And some of it are like 3 months old. I need a new one. My bracelet is already 2 months old I guess. I need to buy more, more and more. :DDD Oh okay. This was supposed to be my quick update. But then, I'm starting to like talk so much. So bye-bye Mr. Bloggie. I love you. Muah muah! x x


Woot woot. I'm loving this quote. This are the quote of the day. LOL. I'm loving this one. I'm digging it. 

"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time."
- Abraham Lincoln

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Party Hard

Howdy pepol'!

It's been awhile I didn't update my blog right? Oh I miss you Mr. Bloggie. Whatever happens, I will always love you. You are the witness to what happened since December '10 till I don't know when. LOL. Oh okay. Yesterday was Wednesday right? I've been going out with my Ex-Boyfie named Roy. We went out for shopping. Ah well. What do you expect? We went to Bintang Mega Mall and Merdeka Mall. Just looking for some dress and some clothes. I found this cute dress, it is so vintage and so nice. But then it's so expensive. It's like RM75.90 it's not worth it at all. I know some other shop, they only sell it like for 20 ringgit instead? Then I didn't manage to find for a nice one. Then we went for dinner. At Sushi King. It was nice though. But then I'm having an ear infection. So its not cool though. I don't really enjoy my dinner. But its okay. It was nice too. And thanks to Roy. Heheh. And so it is. After spending few hours at BMM, we went straight to Merdeka Mall. Just walk around. No nice clothes nor dresses. But I managed to buy myself 2 pairs of shorts. Both of it are high-waisted shorts. And thanks to Roy again. For buying it for me. Hahah. It was cute though. I'm loving it. Oh so after we went for that lil shopping. CG called me. Telling me that they're on the way to my house. My lovely brotha' Ayum and my buddy Mau picked them up. And they told me to take YZ's phone at her house. Cause she forgotten to bring it. But then I was too sick to go to Taman Tunku. Where she lives. So we went back home straight forward. And then, they were planning to go for clubbing. Cause it was Wednesday. Wednesday? It's Ladies Night bebehhhh. Hell yeahhh. So I took a lil' nap. Just to rest myself. Just a quick one. Then, all of us getting ready. I wore this blue shirt and the high-waisted shorts. :DDD It's not really nice. But I enjoyed it. It's the first time wearing high-waisted shorts. Always wore the high-waisted skirt. Hahah. So me, my brotha' Ayum, Jojo, CG, YZ, my buddy Mau and Ejal went out. Around 12 AM I guess. Then, we went to this I don't know what it is. To drink and "freshen up". HAHA. Ya digg? O yeaaaah. Yeeha. Hahaha. Then around 1 AM. All of us off to Balcony. I had fun. A lot. We party hard. I'm loving last night. Hope something better gonna happen tomorrow night. It's Friday. It's better to have fun on Friday nights. Right? Heheh. I knowww. So I'm looking forward for tomorrow night. And I'm still searching for some more new clothes. Heheh. So here are the pictures of me last night. :) 

Jojo, Me, YZ and CG
YZ and Me
That is absolutely me! HAHA
That's me again
That's me and pretty Jojo
So that's Tania, YZ, me and Jojo
We really do had fun. Had fun a lot. :D So, right after partying, me, Mau, Ejal and Jojo went to Chillipeppers. To chill. Have some drinks and eat. YZ and my brotha left early. Cause they were to tired. So me and the others just have some fun. But before going to Chillipeppers, we went to Taman Tunku to send CG. She can't sleep at my house. Cause she hafta' follow her dad to service the car in the morning. Too bad. So YZ and Jojo slept at my house last night. Ahhhh~ I'm running out of words. So I'm gonna update my blog again sooner or later. Or maybe when I have a nice story to tell. So bye bye Mr. Bloggie. Muah muah. Love yah much much. x x

Monday, January 3, 2011

Photos 2011

Assalamualaikum and Hello peeps!

I'm getting bored. And I'm so sick. So all I do is take pictures. Credits to Yati for some of the pictures. Take a look at this. Me in the month of January in the year 2011.





Left to right : Chamen, Jojo, Me (Jwa) and Yati

Satisfactory. At last update juak blog ku tek. Walaupun engkah gamba ajak. Hahah. Suka jak muang boring. Seems like this is only a quick update. I'm so blur. And I don't know what to blog. Urhhhh. So bye-bye.