Friday, January 14, 2011

14th of January 2011

Hello and Howdy' Pepol'!

I just woke up a few mins ago. Today was fine. I woke up because my dad throw a parcel to me. Its my bag that I ordered the other day from Blooming Tree Bags at Facebook. It looks cute though. And I thought it is a small bag. But then, its kinda big to. A medium to big size of bag. I love it. It looks vintage. And oh ya, as always. My niece kept on playing my PC right after she go back from school. Then I quickly get out of my bed and do a lil' something with my hair. Cause it always look messy every time I wake up. LOL. After this, I have to shower. Roy's picking me up in a lil' bit. Have to go for lunch and so on. And I have interview's at Dave's Deli at 3:30 PM. And 5:00 PM later, I gotta go to the airport and say " bye-bye " to YZ. She's going to Kuala Lumpur for 6 days I guess. For her sister's wedding if I'm not mistaken. Well, so yeah. Will update Mr. Bloggie again later. So bye-bye. Toodles! Have a nice day pepol'!

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