Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello guys! 

I'm so so so sorry for not updating you okay Mr. Bloggie? I've been so busy. I'm working. Don't you know that? I'm working at Dave's Deli. And guess what? It's so tiring and it's so FUN. I love my job. I love my work so much. I just don't know why. I get to learn to do drinks and so on. Get to learn how to make lassi. Oh lassi is my mum's favorite. And I get to learn to those sandwiches. Dave's Deli is actually our families favorite place to have lunch or dinner. I work as the cashier and the barista too. Don't you feel proud of me? Hahah. And the salary is quite okay. Its okay for me. Its enough for me too though. Aaah. And every Monday I have my off day. So that's the reason why I'm updating you right now. I had a good rest. And had enough sleep. Yeehoo! Cheers to me! Hahah. So, I'm running out of words right now. Blerhhh. So that's all for today. Love yah Mr. Bloggie! x x

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