Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello and Howdy' Pepol'!

Eventually, I'm in love with Fixie. Don't know what is Fixie? Fixie is a bicycle. Actually its a fixed-wheel bicycle. And the people in USA, called them a Fixie. Amazing right? In Wikipedia, it says a Fixie is a bicycle that has no free wheel. So that means, it can't coast. Get it? And the pedals are always in motion if the bicycle is moving. And for sure its a fixed-gear bicycle. Come and take a look how Fixie looks like. 

It looks gorgeous right? I know!

Hell to the yeah for neon fixie's!

This ones cute. 
Aren't fixie cute? And nice? I know right! I wish I can have one. But I can't find one here? Can you help me to find one? I'll be the happiest person on earth. Bahaha. And btw, fixie really is expensive. You can tell by just looking at the pictures. And I am very sure you'll be very shocked when you browse for the price. LOL! So have fun reading you guys. Love yah. Muah muah. x x

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