Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello again pepol'!

Its been a long time I didn't update my blog right? Yeah so been busy with my work. I can't barely remember when was the last time I update my blog. HA HA. So today is my off day. As always, every Monday. Guess what? YZ, Jojo and Fad had a sleepover at my house last night. Yeehoo! We had fun. A lot. We made videos last night. And took some pictures. Hell yeah! I'm loving it. Lemme show you some of our pictures last night alright. 

So this is YZ and Jojo. Jojo, rockstar much? Or just a Punker much? LOL

Different faces of me. Yeah!!!

And again.

Ugly rightttttt! I know

Uhh. So thats all for today. Just a lil update from me. I'm running out of words. I have to go out in a lil bit. Hafta send YZ, Jojo and Fad home. :( I'm gonna miss them. Urgh. 

P/S : I miss Baby and Charmaine a lot. So badly. I love you guys. :)

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