Saturday, January 15, 2011

Liar, liar pants on FIRE

Hello pepol'!

Oh. Its started to felt great when you start to lie around right? It felt so nice right? Especially to those who loves to lie, they do feel like they know how to convince everyone. And to those who never lie and hate lying around, when they started to lie about something to someone, they felt really bad and they always wanna try to do some confessions and tell the truth to them. Right? Am I correct? See, I know this girl. She's so nice and so sweet. She's nice to be around with. She's so kind and polite. Till I love to be around her. And I can almost miss her if I didn't meet her for two days and so on. But I heard about, she was lying with her age. And I was like " Okayyyy. I can accept that. Maybe she doesn't want to be left out and doesn't want to be categorized as KIDS. ". Then I heard more about she was lying about her school, results and where she was to be Form as. And well, now she was lying about her scandal thingy as if it never happens and she lied about her PMR results again. And well well well. BRAVO! I will never gonna trust you again young lady. Like people said, don't judge a book by its cover and what goes around comes around. If you saw someone that is so nice, beware of it. Anything can happen. Even if he/she knows how to convince you in any single way 100%! You lie, you'll never be happy. And now, you are so DOWN. Right? Serves you right liar. Thanks for your lying and acting. You are a DRAMA QUEEN. I think you should sign up as an actress. And I am very sure you'll get the Oscar Award. And 3 fucking words for you, I HATE YOU! :DDD

P/S : I am so fucking piss right now. So very sorry for being so rude in this entry. So take care you guys. Beware of LIARS. x x

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