Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hello again pepol'!

Is this what you call LOVE? Totally. I've been with you for almost 5 years already. What do you expect? Yes, we've been through those fightings. Yes, we've been messing around. Yes, we've made and make stupid decision and wrong steps. But then, it doesn't go anywhere. I still love you. Its still FRESH. Its like I have just known you. Either ways, in every single thing I do it reminds me of you. I love you. Thats all I can say. Singing some songs, we've sand it together. I spend each day of my almost 5 years with you. We go out for almost everyday. Having my dinner with you everyday. Its so sweet. But we kept on fighting. I just don't know why. And what's next? Hugging and kissing again. Insane right? I know. Duhh. But that's just how it is. It never seems to change. Too bad. But I hope, one day, we'll never those kind of things again. Its just too pathetic to see. And its just too bad to be true. Haha. Btw, I love you so much. You know I can't resist you. And again I love you and I miss you already. :(

P/S : I'll dream about you tonight. Heheh :DDD

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