Friday, January 14, 2011

The past 2 days.

Hello pepol'!

Oh my God. See, I wasn't expecting of going for a swim today. Lol. Cause no one told me to go. And none of us are planning to go. Cause YZ didn't SMS or call me saying that we're going for a swim. And Jojo too. She didn't mention anything about swimming. And CG she was like few feet away from me. Cause she was sleeping at her Aunties house for the funeral. Her Aunty died few days ago. I don't know why. But let us all pray for her. Okay? Back to the story. Me, my brotha', Ayum and Mau was at my sister's house. Apparently, the last two nights I slept at my sister's house. Cause she went to Kuala Lumpur. And no one take care of her house. And her husband, which is my brother-in-law are currently working. Offshore. So no one can take care of her house. So me and my brother, Ayum and my buddy Mau wanted to sleep there. I had fun sleeping at her house. And I can't stop eating there. I just don't know why. Well, only left me and Mau there at home. Yea yea yea. Its because Ayum is going out with his lovely girlfriend YZ. And you know what? I felt like a pig. Cause I was sleeping so long. And I can't hear a thing. I don't even know that YZ went to my sissy's house. And asking me to wake up. I was too tired. And restless. A day before my sister went off to Kuala Lumpur, I had to stay up late to make the CD cover for her NYKO dinner. Then I fell asleep around 5 AM I guess. I don't remember. And I woke up at 3 PM I guess. See? I do sleep like a pig right? Nasty me. Then me and Mau just spend our time watching TV and everything. And around 8 PM, Roy picked me up. And brought me to go out. Just to go around town. And then, we went to the restaurant to buy some food for dinner. That's for me and Mau. I was so hungry that time. I ordered "Lalapan Ayam" for me and "Kueh Tiaw Goreng" for Mau. And right after that, he sent me home. So when I arrived home, I ate with Mau at the dining room. And oh well, the "Lalapan Ayam" at D' Dapur couldn't beat Muara's. Muara is still the best. Hell yeahhh. So right after having my dinner. We go and smoke outside of the house and chill for a lil' bit. Then I dyed my hair. And it's RED right now! HOHO. But I didn't dyed the whole head. Just some part of it. Then I watched some movie. And my brotha' and Mau went to sleep. And it's only me that is awake that time. I watched Soul Plane. Boohoohoo. I was laughing like hell. I enjoyed that movie a lot. Never get bored of it. Then I accidentally fell asleep. LOL. And the TV was still switched on. Then this morning I guess. My parents came to visit us there. And they brought Eyshan, my nephew. And he kept on bugging me. Wanting me to wake up. He is only 1 year plus. And he is cute. He really is. And he is so handsome. Haha. He kept on pushing me to make me wake up. But he failed. Then just now I woke up at 12 PM. Then we straight away go back home. Then when I arrived home, I cooked something for lunch. I cooked fish. It was good though. I felt full too. Alhamdulillah. :DDD Then I went to my room. And smoke for a while. Then I wanted to dye my hair again. So I went to the bathroom and get ready all the stuff. Then I dyed my hair again. Oh. Right after, Ayum told me that YZ wants to go for a swim. And I was like " What theeee ?!?! " Why don't tell me earlier on? Why does he have to tell me when I was about to dye my hair? But whatever. I quickly dye my hair and so on. Then right after 15 mins, I washed it off. I get ready all of my stuff. And chop chop, we're off to pick YZ. But then, Jojo called me. She asked me to pick her up. Then, we quickly pick her up. The road was so jam. We arrived around 5:20 PM at Taman Tunku, where YZ lives. Then YZ quickly go out. Then off we go to Eastwood Valley Resort. We arrived to Eastwood around 5:50 PM. Then we quickly pay at the counter. And went to the toilet and change our clothes. Then off we jump to the swimming pool. So, me and the others swim and swim and swim. But Mau didn't want to. I don't know why. LOL. I had fun. So take a look at the pictures. 

This is my lovely YZ
That's me. LOLOL
YZ and Jojo
Me and YZ. Oh my face is so hideous. LOLOL
Me and YZ again
And again
Jojo and YZ
Why so serious?
Jojo in the jacuzzi
Me in the Jacuzzi
Oh. I had fun. Plus I'm tired too right now. But still I miss my Mr. Bloggie. That's why I'm updating him right now. Hoho. Then right after we go for a swim. We went to the jacuzzi. Then, me and Jojo went for sauna. But too bad. The sauna isn't working well. Don't know why. Probably because me and Jojo didn't have enough strength to push the door close. The door was too heavy. LOLOL. So me and Jojo jumped back to the pool. Then we went to the toilet and take our shower. Then after we do our shower, we went back. And went to Sembang-Sembang Cafe to take our dinner. But too bad, Jojo went back early just now. With her cousin. Not sure whether she go back or not. Cause I saw her cousin's car a few blocks away from where we took our dinner. Whatever. LOL. Then after dinner, me and Roy went out again. Just going around the town. And we went to Imperial Mall for a lil' bit. Then he sent me home. I'm glad to be home. So that's what happened today. Good luck and have fun reading it. Muah muah. Love you guys! Have a nice day! x x

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