Monday, January 10, 2011

The Proposal

Howdy pepol'!

My entry title for today is "The Proposal" right? Woohoo. See, its not my proposal actually. It's my brother's. He's trying to propose my best friend YZ on his birthday that is today, date 10th of January 2011. We've been planning about it since last Saturday. We take team with Mau, Jojo, Charmaine and Fad. We wore all white, and the place is at Marina Bay. Sort of by the beach. It started around 5 PM. My brother bought 5 roses. And all of us has to bring it one by one. Firstly Mau, he brought a rose that is white and a card that says " Hello! :D " and he waited at the end of Marina Bay at the stairs. And when YZ arrive, he has to give it to her and bring YZ to see Jojo. Take a look at this. 

So this is how it looks like. Cute right? Hoho :D
And secondly, after YZ receives the rose and the card from Mau, Mau directly bring her to meet Jojo and get the second rose that is champagne in color and a card that says " Are you single? :D ". Haha. A lot of gimmicks right? I know. Its so cute. And we were so excited. So take a look at the second picture.

Aren't they cute? So adorable. Its so sweet. 

And now its my turn. I gave her a rose that is pink in color and a card that says " If so, come here and follow me! :D " Oh Goddd. YZ almost cried when she saw us giving her that sort of stuffs. I can see that she's happy. And my brother was happy too! Take a look at this again. Me and YZ.

See all of those roses. So sweet right?

And finally, the final moment. All of us brought YZ to the back of the Seahorse Light House. Cause my brother is waiting for her there. YZ was shocked to him there with a bouquet of roses. Not really a bouquet actually. HAHA! So come and see this.

The card says " Will you accept my Love? " Aww aww. So sweet. 
After all of this happened, they do the hugging and stuff. And my brother proposed her. Awww. 

Aren't they cute? They are just too cute! Danggg!

YZ fed him a cake from Secret Recipe for his birthday. Aww aww.
Ohhh. That is what happened today. Today was so awesome and so romantic. Not for us. But for them. Its so cute. And so touching. I hope theres a guy will do this kind of stuff for me. And right after we spend our time here, we directly go to Sembang-Sembang. To just chill and quenched our thirst. So this is what happened today. Adorable right? Heheh! See ya guys soon! I'm loving today so much!


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