Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Bloggie!

Now I am currently inside the car at umm I'm not sure what's this place called actually. With my big sis and her friend. I'm so tired and sleepy. I wanna eat! I'm hungry. So so hungry. Took pizza for lunch. But just a lil bit. I want some more. Heh.

Actually, I just wanna say this out loud " I WANNA MARRY A MAT SALLEH! "

Okay. Bye-bye. Hahahahaha :p

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Mr. Bloggie!

Its been awhile right? I didn't update my blog. I know. Yeah. I've been busy. Been working. Tomorrow's my off day. So I'm thinking of spending my time at my sissy's house. And hang out with her tomorrow. I'm planning of quitting my current job. It doesn't suits me. It doesn't suits me at all. I'm not into counting money and making beverages. I'm into working on something that's related to beautician, fashions, accessories and so on. This is not me. This is not my type at all. If I had the chance, I wanna be an air stewardess or something that's pretty much into tour guide, traveling, aviation and airlines. I'm loving it so much though. But then, I will try my best to get on that line. I want it so bad. Can any one of you help me to get that job? If so, thanks.

I better get back to work. So bye-bye Mr. Bloggie! Love you much. x x

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello peeps!

Its raining. Heavily. And I hate it a lot. Now I am currently inside the car. *sighs* have to send my Bro, Ayum to work. I hate driving during rainy days. It scares the hell out of me. Right after sending my bro. I'm gonna go straight to Taman Tunku and Luak Bay to send Yati back and Faddy too. Its so far away. Then Jojo will accompany me to send them. But I have to send her back too. And no one will accompany me going back home. I'm scareddd. LOL. I had my dinner already. Oh yea, we went to Cityfan just now for a photoshoot. I'm loving it.

I think that's all for now. I'm gonna jot off now. So, bye-bye. Lots of love from me. x x

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Why do I have to work?

Hello peeps!

I myself wonders, why do I have to go to work? Day by day, in and out of my work place. I know why. The reason why. Ever thought about how our parents felt working everyday and give us money for almost everyday and they leaned back and not to spend the money just to give to us? Some of you don't right. Now I do. Now I realize. Its very hard to find money. Even a single cents. Its damn hard you know. But then, when we ask for it, we can get it straight away. Aren't we lucky enough? We ask for new clothes, there you go. You got it. For new shoes, new bags, new everything, you get it on that second too. The reason why I'm working right now is to pay back the money to my parents. But if you give your parents 1 Mill or more you still can't pay back what they had gave us since we were born. We have no commitment at all, then why don't go for interviews and go to work? Rather than to go out and chill and wasting money? Try and feel what our parents felt after all this years. You should. Now I did. I go to work everyday. Only 1 day off. No more living my life like other teenage kids do. I don't go out on Saturday's anymore. No more spending my time doing nothing and stupid stuffs. Now I can see that I'm growing older. Knows how to think about saving money and stop shopping like a freak. Now, I start buying foods for the house. Hah. I felt weird at first. But its a good start. You can feel that you are starting to have the care for your home. Not only for yourself. Get it? I love going to work. I love doing it. Once the payday arrives, what a relieve man! After all those work you've done, your tiredness and so on. You've been paid. You felt alive. And one thing for sure, no one cares about what are you going to do with that money. And no one will dare to say NO. Cause its your money, your effort and your salary. So why don't start now? Think about your parents, your future and what will happen to you when you kept on relying at your parents money. 

Bye bye! Lots of love. Take care!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Oh my. Seems like my attachment couldn't be read. Such a waste. -.-" ...

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G Shock?

O yeah bebeh. I want those so badly. And Fixies too. Wouldn't it be nice if I have both of it? It fits right? Trying to turn to some sporty japanese girls. LOL. But I really really want it so baddd. Its so nice. Till I dream about 'em. Hm. Take a look at this one. Its super duper coooooool!

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Good morning people!

This is kinda weird cause I'm greeting "Good Morning" at 11. But its okay. I am currently at work right now. *Sighs* Today, I'm working from 8 AM straight to 11PM. This is crazayhhh. But I don't mind, I would rather go to work than to just sit at home doing nothing. Right right? I've got great news to share! I'm so happy to hear this. Haha. My Boss or my employer will make my personal identity for me for the Cash Register. ;) Its way better. So that I don't need to share with the others. I finished up my salary already. :( That's kinda sad. I'll just have to wait for the next pay. Its bigger I guess. I thought so. Cause in this February month, I've been working Full Shift for three days already. And this is the fourth or third, I'm not really sure. I can't remember. I better go Full Shift frequently. So that, I can double up my salary. Yahoooo! LOL

Well, Mr. Bloggie, I better get back to work. My boss is here. I don't want to get caught blogging right now. LOL. So bye bye! Love you much as always. Take care. x x

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Hello again!

O yeah bebeh! It does work. I'm very very very glad and happy. But there's one thing that really made me felt uncomfortable is the FONTS! I want it on Trebuchet. But its okay. I'm very thankful. ;) Cause I can still blog. So, anywhere I am, Ta-Da! I can still blog! Hahah. Just so you know, if the fonts are different, that means I'm on my Blackberry. But if the fonts are like usual, means I'm on PC or my mum's lappy. So goodnight peeps! Need to get some sleep. Take care you guys. x x

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Hello there people!

This is just a test whether I can blog via e-mail's or not. I hope it does, work. Hope so. *crossing finger*

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello again!

Phewh! That was close. I thought I lost all of my followers and those that I am following. But NOT! Haha. Thank God. Stupid browser. I almost threw my mum's laptop just the sake of losing those I'm following and those that followed me. For God sake, don't ever do that to me again. Hahah. My Mr. Bloggie will be so upset. Bla bla bla. Just had my dinner and supper. Not a proper one. But just nibbling the foods. Had potatoes and I don't know what the other one was called. And had Mackerel's too! Ooh. Lovely. I love that one. This will be enough. 

P/S : Please please please. I hate going to the ATM and checked my balance is still RM16 ++. I hope, yeah I hope my salary should be ready by tomorrow. I definitely hate waiting. It annoys me. Hahah. So that's all. 

$ Cha-Ching , Cha-Ching! $

Bye bye bloggers! Love you guys much as always. Take care. x x 

No Title

Hello pepol!

How's your Tuesday been going? Mine is -.-". And now, I am totally tired and currently running out of energies. Can somebody like send me energies? Just like in the Mafia Wars game in Facebook or whatever. Or just charge me up. I need some sleep. Uhh. But I just can't resist Poker! Haha. Oh ya. I just realized, in this 2 days, I bought 3 new magazines. What is it? February is my Magazine month? I kept on buying magazines. And I can't stop buying it again and again. Just now, I bought a new one again. At 7 Eleven. Past few days, I bought it too. And it was "CLEO" and the other one is "Remaja". Well, the "Remaja" mag was MEH! I hate it a lot. And I don't even know what the hell I was thinking when I bought that one last night I guess. I should have bought something like "Women's Weekly" or maybe some International Mags. Its way better. I'm not being mean or rude. But I just felt that way. But still "CLEO" is the best. I love it much. 



Oh yeah, I just arrived home. Just got back from work. Today was busy. Unlike other days. I just don't know why. And I spent my time at the sandwich bar for almost 1 hour. People kept on buying sandwiches for their lunch. Toasted, fresh. Toasted, fresh. Foccacia, foccacia. Boredom. Now, I am totally looking like a pig. Lying down on my bed, blogging. Sucks a lot.  Haven taken my goddamn Lunch. Better yet to wait for dinner. Another half hours to go? I thought so. Just took my breakfast at  8 AM. But not lunch. Pathetic. And tomorrow, I'll be working night shift. All the way till Sunday. And now, I'm not sure whether I'll be going to Sabah this Thursday. Maybe yes, maybe no. No confirmation at all. Gaaaaah. I wanna go Sabah. And chillax at the beach. Or even play by the beach. It would be nice. And for sure, relaxing. 

Aaah. Should have stop blogging by now. So, see you later Mr. Bloggie. Love you guys much. Take care. x x

P/S : I'm gonna stop crapping by now. LOL! 

Dave's Deli

So hello again pepol!

How's your Monday? Are there any of you guys having Monday Blues? LOL. I do. But its okay. I don't have anything to do today. Cause I'm having my day OFF! Not working. So no Monday Blues. Last time, where I'm still schooling, oooh. I always had that Monday Blues thingy. LOL. I just don't know why. We all felt the same way too right? Heh. So, what am I going to talk about for this entry is about DAVE'S DELI! What is Dave's Deli? No idea? Dave's Deli is where I work. It's a restaurant. Me and my family always have our lunch or dinner there since I am like 6 or 7 years old. And Ta-Da! I'm working there now. I love the food there. Especially the roasted chicken and the toasted sandwiches. Ooh. Lovely. So, does any of you guys knows where it is? Its in Malaysia. There's one in Kuala Lumpur and some other states but I'm not sure where. But in the East Malaysia, there is only one of it. That's in Miri. So not everybody knows where it is and what it is. It is a western food restaurant. It has the best Roasted Chicken. Its simple but it is nice to eat. I'm very proud of it. Cause I work there. HA HA. I love working there. No stress, no anything. You're free. And no one boasts you around. I just love working there. No pressure at all. Stress and pressure FREE! LOL. So, I'm gonna put the picture up. The Dave's Deli sign or logo. Take a look. 

Does this sign looks familiar? Yes it is right. LOL

I guess thats all for today. I'm pretty tired now. So, goodnight you guys. Love you guys much. Take care. x x

P/S : Dave's Deli <------ Click on it to discover what Dave's Deli is. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jessie J!

Hello again pepol!

See, I kept on blogging. I can't stop. Cause, I'm having my leave today and remember? Every Monday I have my day off. So this is the only chance I can update my blog. Heheh. So, I'm gonna talk about Jessie J! Who LOVE'S Jessie J put your hands up! Put your hands up bebeh! I am totally in love with her. I started listening to her song "Do It Like A Dude", last year that is on November or December I guess. I can't really remember. But whatever it is, I love her a lot. I totally adore her. In any ways, she looks like Lady Gaga junior to me. Cause she has this character that I like. She's fun, she can be mean sometime and very cute. She totally blow my mind off! And her song "Price Tag" stuck on my freaking mind right now. I can't stop singing her song. HA HA. But at least she has this clean and clear thingy. What I mean is that she doesn't has the stupid problem with satan worshiper like Lady Gaga and Rihanna does. Pity them. But I still love them. They rock the hell out of me. I don't believe any of those. So wanna know how Jessie J looks like? Scroll a lil bit down. Heheh. Check it out readers! 

Isn't she CUTE? I know right!

Look at her aggresive-ness!

She's COOL. I know.

I'm so loving this one! A lot!

She and the money tree. Cooooooooool.

I love her studded lips. I wanna make one. Hahah

So that's Jessie J. She's so awfuckingsome! Don't you guys just love her? Well, if you guys wanna hear her songs, just go back up and click on the name of the song. I've got the link right at it straight away. So enjoy pepol! Love you guys. Lots. Take care. x x


Hello pepol!

Wondering what my entry title for today means is it? Oh so yeah yeah. I'm gonna tell it to you guys. If some of you guys knows what that is, aren't they like too cool? I know right! I love them a lot. Yeah, so back to the story. Cimorelli are like a band of "Acapella" singers. Don't know what "Acapella" means too? Go Google it! I'm not gonna explain more. HA HA! Joking. Cimorelli has 6 singers. And there are all girls. From the age range of 10 till 20 I guess? They're good though. Though they're not professional singers, but the way they sing are so ENERGETIC! If you start to listen to them, you guys will be like " Whoa! They are AWESOME! " Hahah. I know they are many singers on YouTube, but to me they are different. But lots that I've seen, love Sam Tsui more. Why? I don't why. But I don't really like him. Not hate him. I just don't really like him. LOL. So, if any of you guys wanted to hear or see how they are like and how their voice sounds like just go ahead and scroll a lil bit underneath here. There you go. I'm gonna give you the link. 

CimorelliTheBand <----- So here it is. Just click on it. So my dear readers, ENJOY! 


Just a good quote for backstabbers. ;)

"Men kick friendship around like a football and it doesn’t crack. Women treat it like glass and it falls to pieces."

"Take out the picture. Blow off the dust. Take off the frame; it’s starting to rust. Remember the times we had together. What ever happened to best friends forever?"

- Enjoy!


Hello again pepol!

OhEmGee! I just can't believe it! Me? Jwa Madon? Addicted to poker? Hell to the gyeaaaaaaaaaah bebeh. I'm so fucking addicted with that poker thingy right now. I've been playing it like 10 hours straight I guess. I just don't know why. You felt happy and alive when you win the hand. Even more, if you win another hand, you'll be like so happy. I've been shouting like hell every time I won a hand. HA HA! Not just 2 to 3 hundreds, but 2 to 3 thousands! And sometimes 20 to 30 thousands. Oh My Godddd. I'm so damn happy. HA HA! You guys should play poker. You should. I use to hate it last time. But now, not anymore. I'm loving it like I love McDonald's Double Cheese Burger. LOL! I feel like playing Poker for real. Go to some Casino place, and cha-ching cha-ching go fuck those Poker thingy for real. Uhh. I can't find one of it here in Malaysia. Most of all here at my place, Miri. But I felt like going to Las Vegas right now. I'm so freaking addicted. Hahah. So, if there's some of you guys who doesn't know what Poker is, I'll show you what Poker is. Just so you know, its just a picture. LOL. Take a look at this. 

So these are the real thing that I'm addicted to. Those chips, those cards and dices. Ooh. Loving it so much!

So, do you guys know what Poker is already? Does any of the above looks familiar? Anything popped out from your mind that made you say " Oh. I see. That's Poker. " HA HA! I'm crapping already. So I better get back with my game. So see ya later. Bye bye. Lots of love. x x

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello pepol!

Yeah. I'm so depressed right now. Where can I find and get that perfect thang right now? Urgh. If I was about to order it and pay it cash right now. I also hafta wait for like 2 weeks at least to get it. I'm so in love with Fixies. Goddamnit. I really want it so bad. Now, I'm working. And I'm planning to save my money for like every month. Just to buy fixies bebehhh. At least RM600. I want it like right now. Last night, I dream about it. LOL. I have it on red. Yeahhh. I've been cycling around town. Just to show it all off. Who hates fixies? Tell me. And state to me why. I couldn't find any reasons to hate it. I'm in love with it. It's not because I love it that I don't hate it, its the way it looks and its function. Its totally different than other bicycle that you usually see in town. Its totally awesome. Check this out. The website where the Japanese girls or boys uses their Fixies! 

Girls on Bicycles <------- Just click on that thingy. And to all Fixies lovers, I'm sure you're gonna love your ride more than your parents car! LOL