Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello pepol!

Wondering what my entry title for today means is it? Oh so yeah yeah. I'm gonna tell it to you guys. If some of you guys knows what that is, aren't they like too cool? I know right! I love them a lot. Yeah, so back to the story. Cimorelli are like a band of "Acapella" singers. Don't know what "Acapella" means too? Go Google it! I'm not gonna explain more. HA HA! Joking. Cimorelli has 6 singers. And there are all girls. From the age range of 10 till 20 I guess? They're good though. Though they're not professional singers, but the way they sing are so ENERGETIC! If you start to listen to them, you guys will be like " Whoa! They are AWESOME! " Hahah. I know they are many singers on YouTube, but to me they are different. But lots that I've seen, love Sam Tsui more. Why? I don't why. But I don't really like him. Not hate him. I just don't really like him. LOL. So, if any of you guys wanted to hear or see how they are like and how their voice sounds like just go ahead and scroll a lil bit underneath here. There you go. I'm gonna give you the link. 

CimorelliTheBand <----- So here it is. Just click on it. So my dear readers, ENJOY! 

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