Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dave's Deli

So hello again pepol!

How's your Monday? Are there any of you guys having Monday Blues? LOL. I do. But its okay. I don't have anything to do today. Cause I'm having my day OFF! Not working. So no Monday Blues. Last time, where I'm still schooling, oooh. I always had that Monday Blues thingy. LOL. I just don't know why. We all felt the same way too right? Heh. So, what am I going to talk about for this entry is about DAVE'S DELI! What is Dave's Deli? No idea? Dave's Deli is where I work. It's a restaurant. Me and my family always have our lunch or dinner there since I am like 6 or 7 years old. And Ta-Da! I'm working there now. I love the food there. Especially the roasted chicken and the toasted sandwiches. Ooh. Lovely. So, does any of you guys knows where it is? Its in Malaysia. There's one in Kuala Lumpur and some other states but I'm not sure where. But in the East Malaysia, there is only one of it. That's in Miri. So not everybody knows where it is and what it is. It is a western food restaurant. It has the best Roasted Chicken. Its simple but it is nice to eat. I'm very proud of it. Cause I work there. HA HA. I love working there. No stress, no anything. You're free. And no one boasts you around. I just love working there. No pressure at all. Stress and pressure FREE! LOL. So, I'm gonna put the picture up. The Dave's Deli sign or logo. Take a look. 

Does this sign looks familiar? Yes it is right. LOL

I guess thats all for today. I'm pretty tired now. So, goodnight you guys. Love you guys much. Take care. x x

P/S : Dave's Deli <------ Click on it to discover what Dave's Deli is. 

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