Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello pepol!

Yeah. I'm so depressed right now. Where can I find and get that perfect thang right now? Urgh. If I was about to order it and pay it cash right now. I also hafta wait for like 2 weeks at least to get it. I'm so in love with Fixies. Goddamnit. I really want it so bad. Now, I'm working. And I'm planning to save my money for like every month. Just to buy fixies bebehhh. At least RM600. I want it like right now. Last night, I dream about it. LOL. I have it on red. Yeahhh. I've been cycling around town. Just to show it all off. Who hates fixies? Tell me. And state to me why. I couldn't find any reasons to hate it. I'm in love with it. It's not because I love it that I don't hate it, its the way it looks and its function. Its totally different than other bicycle that you usually see in town. Its totally awesome. Check this out. The website where the Japanese girls or boys uses their Fixies! 

Girls on Bicycles <------- Just click on that thingy. And to all Fixies lovers, I'm sure you're gonna love your ride more than your parents car! LOL

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