Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Mr. Bloggie!

Its been awhile right? I didn't update my blog. I know. Yeah. I've been busy. Been working. Tomorrow's my off day. So I'm thinking of spending my time at my sissy's house. And hang out with her tomorrow. I'm planning of quitting my current job. It doesn't suits me. It doesn't suits me at all. I'm not into counting money and making beverages. I'm into working on something that's related to beautician, fashions, accessories and so on. This is not me. This is not my type at all. If I had the chance, I wanna be an air stewardess or something that's pretty much into tour guide, traveling, aviation and airlines. I'm loving it so much though. But then, I will try my best to get on that line. I want it so bad. Can any one of you help me to get that job? If so, thanks.

I better get back to work. So bye-bye Mr. Bloggie! Love you much. x x

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