Monday, February 7, 2011

Jessie J!

Hello again pepol!

See, I kept on blogging. I can't stop. Cause, I'm having my leave today and remember? Every Monday I have my day off. So this is the only chance I can update my blog. Heheh. So, I'm gonna talk about Jessie J! Who LOVE'S Jessie J put your hands up! Put your hands up bebeh! I am totally in love with her. I started listening to her song "Do It Like A Dude", last year that is on November or December I guess. I can't really remember. But whatever it is, I love her a lot. I totally adore her. In any ways, she looks like Lady Gaga junior to me. Cause she has this character that I like. She's fun, she can be mean sometime and very cute. She totally blow my mind off! And her song "Price Tag" stuck on my freaking mind right now. I can't stop singing her song. HA HA. But at least she has this clean and clear thingy. What I mean is that she doesn't has the stupid problem with satan worshiper like Lady Gaga and Rihanna does. Pity them. But I still love them. They rock the hell out of me. I don't believe any of those. So wanna know how Jessie J looks like? Scroll a lil bit down. Heheh. Check it out readers! 

Isn't she CUTE? I know right!

Look at her aggresive-ness!

She's COOL. I know.

I'm so loving this one! A lot!

She and the money tree. Cooooooooool.

I love her studded lips. I wanna make one. Hahah

So that's Jessie J. She's so awfuckingsome! Don't you guys just love her? Well, if you guys wanna hear her songs, just go back up and click on the name of the song. I've got the link right at it straight away. So enjoy pepol! Love you guys. Lots. Take care. x x

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