Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Hello pepol!

How's your Tuesday been going? Mine is -.-". And now, I am totally tired and currently running out of energies. Can somebody like send me energies? Just like in the Mafia Wars game in Facebook or whatever. Or just charge me up. I need some sleep. Uhh. But I just can't resist Poker! Haha. Oh ya. I just realized, in this 2 days, I bought 3 new magazines. What is it? February is my Magazine month? I kept on buying magazines. And I can't stop buying it again and again. Just now, I bought a new one again. At 7 Eleven. Past few days, I bought it too. And it was "CLEO" and the other one is "Remaja". Well, the "Remaja" mag was MEH! I hate it a lot. And I don't even know what the hell I was thinking when I bought that one last night I guess. I should have bought something like "Women's Weekly" or maybe some International Mags. Its way better. I'm not being mean or rude. But I just felt that way. But still "CLEO" is the best. I love it much. 



Oh yeah, I just arrived home. Just got back from work. Today was busy. Unlike other days. I just don't know why. And I spent my time at the sandwich bar for almost 1 hour. People kept on buying sandwiches for their lunch. Toasted, fresh. Toasted, fresh. Foccacia, foccacia. Boredom. Now, I am totally looking like a pig. Lying down on my bed, blogging. Sucks a lot.  Haven taken my goddamn Lunch. Better yet to wait for dinner. Another half hours to go? I thought so. Just took my breakfast at  8 AM. But not lunch. Pathetic. And tomorrow, I'll be working night shift. All the way till Sunday. And now, I'm not sure whether I'll be going to Sabah this Thursday. Maybe yes, maybe no. No confirmation at all. Gaaaaah. I wanna go Sabah. And chillax at the beach. Or even play by the beach. It would be nice. And for sure, relaxing. 

Aaah. Should have stop blogging by now. So, see you later Mr. Bloggie. Love you guys much. Take care. x x

P/S : I'm gonna stop crapping by now. LOL! 

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