Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello again!

Phewh! That was close. I thought I lost all of my followers and those that I am following. But NOT! Haha. Thank God. Stupid browser. I almost threw my mum's laptop just the sake of losing those I'm following and those that followed me. For God sake, don't ever do that to me again. Hahah. My Mr. Bloggie will be so upset. Bla bla bla. Just had my dinner and supper. Not a proper one. But just nibbling the foods. Had potatoes and I don't know what the other one was called. And had Mackerel's too! Ooh. Lovely. I love that one. This will be enough. 

P/S : Please please please. I hate going to the ATM and checked my balance is still RM16 ++. I hope, yeah I hope my salary should be ready by tomorrow. I definitely hate waiting. It annoys me. Hahah. So that's all. 

$ Cha-Ching , Cha-Ching! $

Bye bye bloggers! Love you guys much as always. Take care. x x 

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