Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello again pepol!

OhEmGee! I just can't believe it! Me? Jwa Madon? Addicted to poker? Hell to the gyeaaaaaaaaaah bebeh. I'm so fucking addicted with that poker thingy right now. I've been playing it like 10 hours straight I guess. I just don't know why. You felt happy and alive when you win the hand. Even more, if you win another hand, you'll be like so happy. I've been shouting like hell every time I won a hand. HA HA! Not just 2 to 3 hundreds, but 2 to 3 thousands! And sometimes 20 to 30 thousands. Oh My Godddd. I'm so damn happy. HA HA! You guys should play poker. You should. I use to hate it last time. But now, not anymore. I'm loving it like I love McDonald's Double Cheese Burger. LOL! I feel like playing Poker for real. Go to some Casino place, and cha-ching cha-ching go fuck those Poker thingy for real. Uhh. I can't find one of it here in Malaysia. Most of all here at my place, Miri. But I felt like going to Las Vegas right now. I'm so freaking addicted. Hahah. So, if there's some of you guys who doesn't know what Poker is, I'll show you what Poker is. Just so you know, its just a picture. LOL. Take a look at this. 

So these are the real thing that I'm addicted to. Those chips, those cards and dices. Ooh. Loving it so much!

So, do you guys know what Poker is already? Does any of the above looks familiar? Anything popped out from your mind that made you say " Oh. I see. That's Poker. " HA HA! I'm crapping already. So I better get back with my game. So see ya later. Bye bye. Lots of love. x x

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