Monday, February 14, 2011

Why do I have to work?

Hello peeps!

I myself wonders, why do I have to go to work? Day by day, in and out of my work place. I know why. The reason why. Ever thought about how our parents felt working everyday and give us money for almost everyday and they leaned back and not to spend the money just to give to us? Some of you don't right. Now I do. Now I realize. Its very hard to find money. Even a single cents. Its damn hard you know. But then, when we ask for it, we can get it straight away. Aren't we lucky enough? We ask for new clothes, there you go. You got it. For new shoes, new bags, new everything, you get it on that second too. The reason why I'm working right now is to pay back the money to my parents. But if you give your parents 1 Mill or more you still can't pay back what they had gave us since we were born. We have no commitment at all, then why don't go for interviews and go to work? Rather than to go out and chill and wasting money? Try and feel what our parents felt after all this years. You should. Now I did. I go to work everyday. Only 1 day off. No more living my life like other teenage kids do. I don't go out on Saturday's anymore. No more spending my time doing nothing and stupid stuffs. Now I can see that I'm growing older. Knows how to think about saving money and stop shopping like a freak. Now, I start buying foods for the house. Hah. I felt weird at first. But its a good start. You can feel that you are starting to have the care for your home. Not only for yourself. Get it? I love going to work. I love doing it. Once the payday arrives, what a relieve man! After all those work you've done, your tiredness and so on. You've been paid. You felt alive. And one thing for sure, no one cares about what are you going to do with that money. And no one will dare to say NO. Cause its your money, your effort and your salary. So why don't start now? Think about your parents, your future and what will happen to you when you kept on relying at your parents money. 

Bye bye! Lots of love. Take care!

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