Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A gift from Mr. Roy

Hello people! 

Oh. It's been awhile, I didn't update my blog. I was too busy. And I don't even know what am I busy with. Hahah. Joking. I've been busy with my Mr. Roy. Been with him for the last whole week. Looking and searching for things. With his friends and so on. Ahhh. Finally, I just got the greatest gift of all from him. Which is *drum roll*, a Lowrider Bicycle! Fcuk yeaaah bebeh. We bought it at somewhere around Permyjaya which is in Miri, Sarawak. Its a shop where they sell lots of vintage bicycle's. All of them are from Japan. And I love it. Though it looks real bad at the shop. But, we did a lil something-something to it. But, I didn't took a picture of it. I'm waiting for it to look more handsome and good, then I'm gonna take a picture of me riding it! Oh, can't wait. LOL. So, I just put a picture of the bike that I took from Google. For those who doesn't know how it looks like. So, take a look. 

This one looking good. 

So, does any of you guys knows what Lowrider Bicycle is? I hope so. Haha. If you still don't know what it is, you go Google it yourself. I don't have time to explain it. I'm being mean lately. HAHA. 

P/S : And thanks again to Mr. Roy for buying it! I love yah! :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday!

Hello and Good Morning people!

It's Friday. Well, my Friday is not good. Started my day with a big " Haaaa - Choo! ". And that's bad. I'm having a really bad flu. Just finished my breakfast. What about you? Had half boiled egg and a slice of bread. I can't really taste the food because of this goddamn flu. For God sake, I should enjoy my Friday. But and yet, it kept on bugging me. No plans for today. But I think Mr. Roy gonna pick me up later, noon. :DDD I hope so. Uhh. I can't sleep well. Just so eager to be on Saturday. As they are auto show coming up. But not sure, whether Mr. Roy and the gang will be going or not. And um, PLEASE! I hope my salary will be ready by today. I need some shopping. I need new cap. Haha. And new shorts. I can't resist buying new things. Looking forward for Sunday too. The beach are calling. And I hope its not gonna rain. Rain makes me sick. Heavy rain of course. I'm trying to stop myself from checking the weather forecast. I don't wanna upset myself. So whatever it is, SMILE IT'S FRIDAY. :)

Have a good day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

For you

Hello bloggayhhh! 

Haha. Okay. Actually, I am too lazy to update my blog today. But I have to. Haha. I just wanna say this!

" Roy, kamek sayang kitak! " - Jwa Madon. HAHA :p

Okay. That's all. Bye. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cute doggie doggie!


Cute dogs. And hell yeah there are real dogs! I can't believe it when I first saw it too. But then, when I browse more, there are real dogs. Haha. So coooooooool man. 

Panda looking dogs! Aww

Colorful. Love it!

Kelly Osbourne!

Hey again. ;)

While Kelly Osbourne's doing that something something for Material Girl Spring '11. Ahhh damn it. She's too gorgeous. I can't get my eyes off her. I wanna be like her someday. LOL!

She's too HOT! >.<
Kelly Osbourne for Material Girl Spring 2011.<---- More pictures to view. 

Island of the Dolls?

Hey. This definitely scares me off. Island of the Dolls? I can't imagine me going there. By browsing the pictures, it already scares the hell out of me. Who will ever wanna go there? Gahhh. Of course not me. Or even my best friends. Haha. Damn it. Take a look at this picture that I just save. Scary man!

I can only say "WTF?!"

Island of the Dolls <----- Click on it to read or view the pictures more. 


Mary Kate Olsen makes Googly Eyes at Paris Fashion Week. That was on the February 2008.

" Why does she have to use those oversize glasses? " - asked Jwa Madon

She looked like a bug. Haha :o


Some motivational quotes for tonight. Yipee! Say YES to quotes!

" I'm a slow walker. But I never walk back. "



" Because I've always love red lips. " - Jwa Madon

They're sexy. They're fine. 

Luscious red lips. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All time low


I've been searching for this song a long long long time ago. But then, I couldn't find. Kept on hearing it on the radio. And too bad, I always missed the part when they were about to say what's the name of the song and who are the singer or the band. At last! I found it too. Haha. I just can't remember how I found it. But then, I am so happy. Haha. Its pretty old for me. But, I still love it. Haha. 

Okay. Listen to it. 

All Time Low - The Wanted <------- Click on it bebeh! Haha :DDD

And Max is so HOT! Haha :p

Medal of Honor

Hello again people!

I'm pretty sad right now. Medal of Honor reminds me of my brother, Udin. He's in Johor Bahru right now. Working. Hope you are doing fine. Hope you are okay. I want you to know that I miss you so much. Its been a long time that we haven't meet each other right? I miss your look, your voice and everything. Aww. So, Medal of Honor reminds me lot about you. 


If you're reading this, I want you to know that we never forget about you. And we all miss you. And of course, my PC missed you too. HAHA. Okay. That's all. Haha!

P/S : COD is way better. Hahaha. :p

For my candy, Baby

Hello people!

Uhh. My entry for today is for my beloved friend, Baby. Why? Wondering why? You have to! Haha. Its because we've been in an argument past few days. Well, if you have a good relationship with your best friends ever, they must be a little misunderstanding right? Oh well. I was too pissed off. I was doing it for our own good. My friends love to use nasty words on FB (Facebook). Which I don't like. I ever scolded them a few months ago. But then, they're still using it till now. Then I got fed up. So, I made a status on FB. Unfortunately, it hurt their feelings. I just don't what to say. You guys understand me don't you. If you were at my place, you guys would certainly felt that way too. Don't you think so? I know. So, I decided to just keep quiet. And wanna apologize to them. *even its not my fault. Well, I have to. Someone has to back off right? So, I decided to lose. And just apologize to them. It went good. It was okay though. Who wants to lose their best friends? You certainly doesn't want it to happened to right? Oh well, The Fragile's wont collapse or break up for those stupid things right? And again, Baby, I love you so much. And I wanna say I'm sorry again. You know I love you right? But not only Baby, all of you girls. You guys are still my bitches! Oops. I love you guys so much. I couldn't even find a words to describe. I just want you guys to know, I'm sorry and I love you. Always. In my heart. So, I want everything to be normal. And you guys out there, who are reading this, or my haters or whatsoever, if you wanna laugh about this, then go on. I don't give a damn. And please, stop reading or stalking my blog. Okay? Understood? GOOD! 

Ohh. Okay then. That's all for this entry. Btw, love you much. I'll continue blogging later. Take care. xx