Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday!

Hello and Good Morning people!

It's Friday. Well, my Friday is not good. Started my day with a big " Haaaa - Choo! ". And that's bad. I'm having a really bad flu. Just finished my breakfast. What about you? Had half boiled egg and a slice of bread. I can't really taste the food because of this goddamn flu. For God sake, I should enjoy my Friday. But and yet, it kept on bugging me. No plans for today. But I think Mr. Roy gonna pick me up later, noon. :DDD I hope so. Uhh. I can't sleep well. Just so eager to be on Saturday. As they are auto show coming up. But not sure, whether Mr. Roy and the gang will be going or not. And um, PLEASE! I hope my salary will be ready by today. I need some shopping. I need new cap. Haha. And new shorts. I can't resist buying new things. Looking forward for Sunday too. The beach are calling. And I hope its not gonna rain. Rain makes me sick. Heavy rain of course. I'm trying to stop myself from checking the weather forecast. I don't wanna upset myself. So whatever it is, SMILE IT'S FRIDAY. :)

Have a good day!

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