Wednesday, April 20, 2011

P14G Broadband

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Happy Birthday to me?

Hello there fella's!

Happy Birthday?

The clock is ticking. And its almost 21st of April. Happy Birthday to me? Aaah. I've been waiting for this to arrived. Ooh. Really can't wait. What am I gonna do for my birthday? I don't know. I haven't plan anything yet. Yet, I don't even bother to do so. But, it will be dull. Its been a long time I did not celebrate my birthday. I have to do one. Its been a long time. As I don't have anything to do. I better do something to make me happy and alive. Something to be remembered. Or memories. Haha. Whatever it is. I can't wait. I love accepting presents from my family and my close friends. And I love giving people one too. So, don't think bad about me. Heh. Blaaaah. Bye-bye and goodnight!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The trip was FUN!

Howdy friends and haters! ;D

How are you guys? How is it going lately? For any of my readers lately *if I have one*, just ignore my ChatBox. Just those haters been messing around lately. :D I don't know what they want from me actually. But I'm sure I know who did it. Aaaah. Back to the main story. I didn't mention anything about my trip right? Well, me and my two sister and my brother in law went to Kuala Lumpur last week. Just a short trip. We were there for 6 days. It was amazing. And I had fun too. Its just that I don't really like going there. The place are way too hectic. Lots of people's and stuff. Gah! It made me wanna puke and dizzy. I don't really like a place where its too hectic and busy. Okay. Stop craping. 

Our flight is around 11AM. And we arrived Kuala Lumpur at 1PM or something. I don't really remember. When I first arrived at KLIA. Gosh. You don't know what I felt. I don't even wanna continue my journey. I felt like, I wanna go back to Miri like NOW. I felt like crying too. But naaah, I just don't wanna think about it too much. So, my sister friend picked us up. And she brought us to Bangi. Where she lives. She brought us to have our lunch too. I don't know what that place called. HAHA. But its an Indonesian Restaurant. All Indonesian foods, drinks and so on. We didn't ate there cause we had our brunch in the airplane. So, she brought us to find some budget hotels in Bangi. Cause on that night, my sister has to go for her company's dinner at Sunway. Which, we have to stay one night in Bangi. And uhhh me and my sister does not agree with it. Its not safe. Its so far away. We don't know anyone there. So, my sister decided to go to Sunway! And I was like so glad. At least, a shopping mall. At least a place that is so alive and I won't feel bored. So we took a cab around 4PM to go to Sunway! Haha. So it took us around 45 minutes to reached there. We planned to have one night stay at Pyramid Hotel. That is next to Sunway Pyramid and Euphoria. So me and my sister waited at the lobby while my brother in law are managing the check in thingy. Whatever it is. There are lots of Arabian there. There are like zillions of them. So after waiting for the check in and stuff, our rooms are ready. We went up to rest at the room. The room are quite huge too. You can see Euphoria and Sunway Lagoon by the window. Around 7PM, my sister had to get ready for dinner and stuff. So my cousin came to visit us and accompany me when my sister goes for dinner. Around 8PM, we went to Sunway Pyramid just to see some things and clothes. And we had dinner at McDonald's. The first night was tiring. LOL. But seriously, I enjoyed it. 

The second day in Kuala Lumpur. I woke up at 11AM I guess. I was tired. So damn tired. So, I took my bath and so on. Get ready and stuff. I miss Mr. Roy already. Damn it. I can't describe how I feel that time. But I don't wanna think about it. Cause its time for Shopping! :DDD Aha! Our first pit stop is at Cotton On! Heaven! I miss Cotton On a lot. I love the clothes, the sunglasses, the slip on shoes and so on. I miss all of it. So, I bought two singlet, one puffy blouse and some slip on shoes. :D So this is Cotton On. 

You can find Cotton On at Sunway Pyramid and Pavilion. 
We were just looking for some outlet though. Didn't plan to go for shopping. Right after we do a lil shopping. We went to Cotton On Kids. To buy some tees and slippers and socks and so on for my nephew. Haha. After shopping, my friend from Kuching that moved to Kuala Lumpur went to visit me at the hotel. And my sister straight away took a cab to the city while I spend my day with my friends. So, we went to have our lunch at a restaurant called Gasoline. Its a nice place though. And we walked around Sunway Pyramid to finish our time while waiting for her sister to finish her Bowling training at 5PM. 5PM, we straight away go to Bukit Jalil. Why do we go there? Aida's sister has to go for Gym. Aida is my friend from Kuching. :D She went for gym for only 1 hour that day. So we just chill at the Bukit Jalil area. Smoking and so on. Talking. After she finishes her gym, they sent me to the City. The road was so jam. So many cars. And it took us about 1 hour to get through the jam. And there we are at the city. And all of us don't know where Crown Regency Serviced Apartment is. HAHA! I've stayed there before. It was 2 years ago. And guess what, I don't even remember where its located. What I remember is, its 5 minutes away from KLCC and the apartment is at the back of Beach Club. So all three of us uses the Blackberry Map to locate where it is. Haha. Its funny though. Surprisingly, we reached there. We found it. HAHA! That's the best moment of all. Ahhh. After we reached the apartment, Aida and her sister went home. And I continue my journey spending my 6 days at the city that never sleeps. Amazing. The room are quite big too. With one room, one toilet, one kitchen and a living room. I cleaned up myself. Changed my clothes and so on, so we went to KLCC to buy some foods or groceries. I'm so damn tired. And my legs are numb. I can't feel a thing. And there's F1 coming up. So the city are HECTIC!

Third Day at the city that doesn't sleep. Aaaaah. My sister, Aon arrived. From Sarikei. And I woke up at 10 something in the morning. I felt bad for not picking her up at the Monorail Station. Cause I promised her to do so. Sorry again Kakak Aon. Haha. :P Again, I'm sorry. I took my shower and so on. Uhhh. We straight away walk to KLCC. Cause we planned to go to Aquaria, KLCC. Don't know what Aquaria is? Google it. ;) Aquaria was fun. Lots of fish and so on. We spend about 4 hours in Aquaria if I'm not mistaken. After fish looking at Aquaria, we went to the KLCC foodcourt to eat. And we went for window shopping too. Amazing huh. Our third day was a bit dull. Cause it was so longgg. And I don't know why. Haha. 

Fourth Day. We went to Pavilion! Shopping! We continued our shopping in Cotton On again. HAHA. So, I bought 2 sunglasses, 1 shirt, 1 boxers, and singlets and so on. Haha. And we went to Forever 21. 

I bought some shirts and necklaces there. I had fun. Haha. All I do is shop shop and shop. After going shopping at Forever 21. We went to TOPSHOP! Haha. Oooh. Topshop. 

Heaven! Again!
I don't shop much here at Topshop. My sister does. She bought the Topshop knickers. Haha. And she bought for me one. Thank you Kakak! Love you. I love it. Its a Wonder Woman knickers. And its cute! Shop shop shop and blah blah blah. We went to have our dinner. And I didn't realize its 9PM already. Haha. Too busy with shopping till we didn't realize it was late already. Haha. 

Fifth Day. Steph, my sister's good friend came to pick us up to go to Ikea. We had our lunch at Ikea too. My sister went shopping and she bought me one mirror and two lights. Lights or whatever it is. Its cute. No time to put up some pictures of it. I'm too tired and lazy. HAHA! Then we went to Ikano to buy some stuffs. And Steph brought Hunter along! Hunter is her Albino Burmese Python. Its cute though. But I don't have the guts to bring him. But I did touch him. Hunter is very friendly and nice. I miss Hunter. He's cute. And he is 6 months old. After spending our 5 hours at Ikea, we went to The Curve. To meet my cousin. Then we spend about 10 to 15 minutes there. We were so tired, then we decided to go back to the city. Then Steph brought us to her house for a while. She needed to change her slipper. So we just follow her. Her house is so big! Not house actually. Its a condominium. But still, its huge and big! After relaxing at her house, we went to Kampung Baru. To buy some foods for dinner. And we ordered Domino's Pizza for dinner too! We had our dinner at the apartment. Relaxing and spend our time pretty smart cause the next day, we're off to go back to Miri. Home Sweet Home. No more busy, hectic town around us. 

Sixth day. Goodbye Kuala Lumpur! We're off to KL Sentral at 10AM. Took KL Express to KLIA at 11AM. And bye-bye Kuala Lumpur! We miss you lots! I had fun. We spend our time there pretty wisely. Had good shopping too. HAHA. All I know is, shop shop and shop. Now, I'm back to reality. No more waking up, thinking about where to shop. Though my hometown has no amazing place to shop, but I still love it. No matter what. I still love my room more than the apartment and the hotel that we have stayed in KL. So, I'm going to bed. Lotsa love for you guys. Take care. xx

P/S : This is the longest entry I have done. Thanks to Pretzels and Coke for keeping me awake for doing this entry. Goodbye!