Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to me?

Hello there fella's!

Happy Birthday?

The clock is ticking. And its almost 21st of April. Happy Birthday to me? Aaah. I've been waiting for this to arrived. Ooh. Really can't wait. What am I gonna do for my birthday? I don't know. I haven't plan anything yet. Yet, I don't even bother to do so. But, it will be dull. Its been a long time I did not celebrate my birthday. I have to do one. Its been a long time. As I don't have anything to do. I better do something to make me happy and alive. Something to be remembered. Or memories. Haha. Whatever it is. I can't wait. I love accepting presents from my family and my close friends. And I love giving people one too. So, don't think bad about me. Heh. Blaaaah. Bye-bye and goodnight!

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